Eno Michael feat. Pastor Gabriel Eziashi – He Cannot Lie

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Inspired by Numbers 23:19 & Isaiah 55:11


This is my story, this is my song.

I was at a place in my life where nothing seemed to work. The devil played with my mind, fear and doubt took possession of me and I started doubting the authenticity of God’s Word. One of those days, I heard the Spirit of God say to me don’t just keep your mouth shut when the devil speaks his lies, open up your mouth and respond with the truth (God’s Word). He reminded me of how Jesus responded to the devil in the wilderness emphatically with the phrase “It is written”. Right then, there was light and I knew exactly what to do. When the devil spoke, I replied “He cannot lie”. My response silenced the voice of fear, doubt and despair. A new faith-filled atmosphere was created for the move of God and indeed God showed up in grand style. Hallelujah!!!

I was also instructed to write this song in the language of time and in the language mankind will understand and relate with. God dwells outside of time and from His perspective everything He promised is already done. However, we as mankind dwell in time, whilst we may have experienced some of the promises of God, we are yet to come into the reality of all of His Glory. This song is an assurance to us and a reminder that He has not forgotten us and so it will happen as He has said. So, if you have a prophetic promise /purpose or you believe God for something in 2018.

Eno Michael feat. Pastor Gabriel Eziashi – He Cannot Lie

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