Education: school of business (lectures on word processing).

We had Mrs Egbeand Mrs Adeleye present at the lecture venue and they took the liberty to adress us on how the lectures would be conducted from next week.

The class has been divided amongst themselves and it would take effect next week Mrs Egbe would be taking group A-D while Mrs Adeleye will take group E-H and the lectures will be held simultaneously at different venue by 12-2pm.

The lectures have been divided into two sections (theory and practicals) we would be having six weeks of theorithecal works combined with test and assignments after that we would have another six weeks of practical works combined with test and assignments also.

Mrs Adeleye adviced that we should show seriousness and in skill courses it easy to grt good grades; “skill course you can score 100/%, skill course you can score 0.” And no lectures will be held until next week.


1. Introduction to computer hardware and software.

2. MS-DOS – operations and command.

3. Features of Window management and exploring. ME 2000( millinium edition 2000)

5. Computer operations in data processing environments.

6. Selections of computer system e.g (desktop, laptops)etc.

7. Budgeting and research in computer.

8. Impact and social effects of commputers.

9. Computer networks and communication.

10. Exploring the word processing packages.


Boys: white shirt and black trousers.
Girls: white shirt and black skirts.
Please try to get a comphrehensive note and update yours.

Please note that all instructions and requirements for the course to be adhere to for smooth academic practice.

                  Thank you.

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