You Want To Be Famous? Countless Music Superstars Have Gone Through Hell

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You Want To Be Famous? Countless Music Superstars Have Gone Through Hell

You want to be famous.. You will be Famous.. But be aware that your flaws will be famous too.. 🤔

Wande Coal 2015 New Look 768x776
Wande Coal 2015 

Countless times Music superstars have gone through hell 🔥 because of their flaws…. Since the Clean videos, dope instagram pics 📷, Huge fame and recognition makes the normal person think they’re so special… We forget that they’re also human with FLAWS.. Dbanj, Tu Face, Wizkid, Davido... They’re all humans with their own flaws…

So my Broda you want to be famous??.. No yawa.. But Hope you know what happened to Wande Coal at the start of his career… He got drunked and his own in house padi’s pictured him naked and upload it… His GBOLA 🍆 was allover the web… My brother, he suffered mockery 😭 for years before bouncing back 🌟

Do you also know that Sean Tizzle was for months called malnourished Davido… Even though it’s his own life, Fans trolled him for months… Because he toned his skin light… All sort of “bleaching” insults was thrown at him… He couldn’t bear it, he left instagram that time.. Totally sad. 😩

Shey you hear of the one of Mr Banky W?? Mr no scandal!!… Person wey just marry wife, wey the knack 🍆 still dey shark am.. Nigga upload honeymoon video, only for haters to notice and zoom up his wife changing behind him… Broda!! No be joke, they said all sort of things..

I’m not saying fame is bad.. I’m not saying its good sef.. I’m saying you better be ready for what you’re asking for…You will be famous, but your flaws will be famous too. Be ready

Thank you. I am Daniel Scott Eleh, a great asset to Nigerian Music Industry #RaymistManagementCompany


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