#Xenophobia: Why cnt Nigerians go n die for dia Government head. ‘Jaebaz’

IMG 20190820 WA0043
IMG 20190820 WA0043

Nigerians kicking Ghanaians out then was known as wat??? Why cnt Nigerians go n die for dia Government head thou? SA babes wey una don spoil dia lives finish…una babes full Europe with white men…like honestly…South Africanz participating in these killings should be tied to four horses n stretched out make dem snap one by one…but it doesn’t change the fact that some SAs don’t want u there jus like Germans citizens pays their government for resources in other to deport u Nigerians back to Naija for no reason at all…some people jus have a way dey deal wit problems. In Niegria dey wont give you electricity cuz Oga at the top sells Generators and dont want his business to die so he supports darkness for those who can’t afford it…i dont give a fuck…Sowore or watever u call him matta stil dey pend but we already distracted by SA bullshit dat we’ve been cryin about for more than 6yrs now. Nigerians oooooo. Nigerians dis is a wake up fucking call. Time for us to build our Nation. Time for us to own nuclear weapons and start planning space trips…but Noooooooo dat na Fantasyland talks…but we clap for China India n even fucking Malaysia…have u seen d way these nationalities live in 1st world countries??? Im not dissing dem…i jus wanna say d facts and hopefully some persons with good reasoning mind set would take this to another level. Too much talk no dey full basket

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