Why Peruzzi Will Find It Very Difficult To Be BIGGER?

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Why Peruzzi Will Find It Very Difficult To Be BIGGER? : Latest Entertainment Gist

Peruzzi will find it very difficult to be BIGGER than he is right now.. And it’s not like he’s really that big…but I believe you understand whatam saying 💁🏽‍♂

peruzzi cityt
peruzzi cityt

From way back the early 2000s some artiste have always fall into the category of being a “feature” artiste.. This type of artiste happens to be talented but their talent only seem to show when they work with other artistes.. But when they do it alone, it’s bleh bleh 😭 Lolyd Banks of G unit, Tyga etc

Own own Peruzzi got launched on a great platform, DMW. He had the loyal support of Davido and everyone Davido had his connects on..📱 Before we could say Jack, last year Peruzzi was already on the massive HIT with 2baba 💥 titled Amaka 🎶.. This brought him well enough into lime light..and fans started expecting more..

He went on to release Dumebi ft Davido.. 🎶 He feat. On Aza with Davido… He feat on 2 secs song with Davido.. And so and so songs ft. This ft That. 😑
To cut the long story short, Peruzzi kept jumping on tunes with Davido at every given opportunity… And He also kept the features coming more than his own single songs.. 🎶 🎤

This created an impression that fans didn’t really want. Peruzzi kind of become a “feature” Artiste… As I type this article, Peruzzi is yet to have his own single HIT 💥 despite the great platform DMW as provided him…

The fact that he was compared to Teni Apata at some point really baffles me… Cuz We all know who’s better..
Now I’m not saying he can’t get a HIT or he won’t go up the ladder.. I’m saying it will be very difficult..

I don’t want someone to come and slap my face ✋🏼🚶🏽🚶🏽

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