We Know You Sing/Act!? But Are You Really A Professional!?


We Know You Sing/Act!? But Are You Really A Professional!? : Latest Entertainment Updates

A lot of people don’t understand what professionalism is all about…and trust me, Entertainment is bigger than just releasing your works 🎤🎸, getting fans 🛣🎼✈and cashing out BIG 💰


Being a professional will keep you LONG in the game like 2face, Banky W, M.I, Don Jazzy etc…
Professionalism is based on two things..your REPUTATION and Your SKILLSET… Broda, how can you say you a pro? When you say ‘Let’s meet by 3pm and u get there by 5.30pm??😑…like how…
How can someone rely on you as their last hope and you look into their eyes and assure them…”I got you”..and you knew deep down you won’t do anything!?? How.. 💁🏽‍♂

Professionalism means a lot.. And your NAME..your reputation is EVERYTHING in this Entertainment Industry..

If you want to be taken serious, differentiate yourself from all this snakes in the game, Be Loyal..DELIVER when u say you will.. Don’t sugar coat things so that people will like you… People are not dumb..even if they’re, it won’t be long before their eyes OPEN…

The second thing is SKILLSET.. If you like keep up to your word more than our lord JESUS CHRIST..if you’re not GREAT at what you do, you’re not a PRO….

So put in mad effort, Read books, practice like your LIFE depends on it…..instead of buying that new shirt, 👕why don’t you spend it on buying that instrument you want to learn as an Artiste!??🎸.. As in u get me right? Build your SKILLSET so no one can rubbish you at what you do..

Raymist Management Company is a professional company.. I, Daniel Scott Eleh is also a professional.. I think you are too, Are you!????

#RaymistManagementCompany (@RaymistMgtCompany)

We Love You

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