Wake Up Call : Not Too Young To Run

Its no longer news that Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with one of the largest populations of youth in the world. According to Attahiru M.Jega “youths have therefore, historically been notable change agents and drives of a societal transformation”. However the average nigeria youths lacks focus and information which has made them relegated of no interest,roles and thereby pushing the youths more into poverty and turning them into agents of destabilization and conflicts.

The nigeria youths face tremendous challenges of poverty, unemployment, marginalization and exclusion in the political economy even when we play major roles in the voting process. There is a dire shortage of young persons occupying the political realm due to lack of perception that their involvement would not matter, given how policies are haphazardly conceived and implemented without input from critical stakeholders.

Way forward:

There is a gap that must be bridged between the old,middle aged and youths/students so as to bring about serious platforms for solidarity, engagement and dialogue. I smile whenever i see an average nigeria youth or students express their grievances on social media platforms without live protest, follow ups and pursue on a course we believe in because all we know how to do best is type on our phones.

The funniest one was #Not too young to run# this question i’m desperately in need of answers #Are we really not too young to run# when all we know how to do best is hash tag this or that. Quote me “Arguing over text is the worst way to Argue cause the lack of tune decreases the meaning of words, lets talk it out in person”. Its highly painful that the generation of ours is not in line with the generation of people like sir dele giwa,wole soyinka,ashiwaju bola ahmed,bode thomas and other great leaders. Sanusi lamido once wrote an Article and said ‘Wake up nigerians” who do you think he was referring to ,the political class,dont be confused he was definitely talking to the YOUTHS. No time for social media comrades we all need to be united and stand as a rooting tooting activist like those i mentioned earlier, let the real change begin with you. Yes you

How do we go about it:

Its high time we leave our comfort zone,no time for celebrity leadership. Many have attributed the lack of tangible progress in our economy to the failure of previous administrations,we definitely cant shy away from the truth that our nation has been bastardized by the people we entrusted our treasury. Its time for we the youths to get dirty in mind,roll up our sleeves to get things done,the time for celebrity leadership in nigeria has expired,this is time time for tug of war leadership,a time for citizen motivation,national integration,purposeful or purpose driven leadership and time for creativity in governance. Let the movement begin with you in that little way or capacity.

Note that to a point i believe in #Not too young to run# but definitely not now. We need to be organised as youths lets us all start a movement ,myself and my team have started bridging the gaps amidst the youths and students around us with a *Talk Show* where we give youths/students opportunity to Air their views,engage themselves in political talks,debates on way forward and their stakes on a better future in this great entity of ours Nigeria. How prepared are we,let the awareness continue,as a youth/student,union leader start up something and be creative about it now. Its the only movement that would help determine or achieve #Not too young to run#.

God bless Nigeria
Yours in concern
Ogunnibosi Olusegun
400level uniben student,lagos campus

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