Video : RiFF RAFF – Lamborghini Leg Lock

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RiFF RAFF left fans with a video for his Aquaberry Aquarius album cut “JODYHIGHROLLER.COM” last month, and now looks to celebrate his deal with Tryke Companies/Reef Dispensaries by dropping footage complimenting “Lamborghini Leg Lock.”

RiFF RAFF is behind the development of two new strains of marijuana called Red Carpet Kush and Lamborghini Leg Lock, which will be available in Reef’s Las Vegas shops beginning May 3rd.

Jody Highroller had this to say about his work:

“It’s the equivalent to when the Lamborghini came out. Imagine NASA when it first came out with the space program. This is what this is.”

Watch Video => RiFF RAFF – Lamborghini Leg Lock

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