Fetty Wap delivered both a new song and a video on Thursday night. “Aye” is the first taste of the rapper’s upcoming Album, King Zoo.In the Michael Garcia-directed visual, Fetty finds himself in a post-apocalyptic biker bar and proceeds to turn it into a party, bottles included and cash included We went crazy with the video, and it’s something I’ve never done before. I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

Things got extra real when Fetty Wap popped up in last night’s episode of Empire. In the episode, which is titled “Absent Child,” Fetty plays the role of a young rapper Lucious inserts into a song he and his son Jamal have been working on together. Jamal wants to do the song in his own way, but Lucious wants his street-perspective infused into the track, so he gets the young rapper Fetty’s playing to do the trick.

Download Audio => Fetty Wap – Aye (Official Music Video)

Download Video => Fetty Wap – Aye (Official Music Video)

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