Upcoming Artiste, You’ll Have To Pay To Perform Sometimes


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Upcoming Artiste, You’ll Have To Pay To Perform Sometimes : Learn and Study Tips

You’ll have to pay to perform sometimes…🤔

Becoming a Music superstar isn’t a joke, apart from the fact that Talent is not enough.. The market is seriously overcrowded.. This makes the competition more serious.. 🎼


Dear artiste, sometimes, on the way up to stardom…you’ll have to pay to perform…🎤 Or to gain publicity… Or to get exposure 📺 , Radio airplays 📻 , Promotion and so on.. It will feel weird because you’ve put in time and effort to make something great, only to be asked to pay to showcase it!?? Ah💁🏽‍♂

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But Broda, if it would seriously benefit your career. You better drop that money. 💰 💰 and If you don’t have it, better go find it 🚶🏽🚶🏽

Have met alot of artistes who ain’t popular beyond their area (like 6 streets) and they feel they can’t pay for shit. Bro Dem no dey telli person 🎶 🎶 Boys like Rema would finish secondary school and blow up 💥 while you’re still upcoming if you don’t act…🚶🏽🚶🏽

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Now I’m not saying you should let your guard down and let people who simply have nothing to offer scam or take your hard earned money… NO! I’m saying regardless of how many screening you do, you would need to Pay to Perform at some point. You’ll need to Pay to Play. Then, When Baba God now finally picks your call ☎ and you start doing numbers 🌟 .. People will pay heavily to see you perform..

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They would beg you to put a price on your work, because it’s your time 🕒 💥

In other news, Asa asika and Davido are still pumping money strategically into the US for global recognition…and It seems to be working..💪
This is not a rumour, go and read about it…

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