Things You Should Know As An Upcoming Artiste

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Things You Should Know As An Upcoming Artiste : Latest CT Giveaway Tips

Courtesy demand that you as an upcoming Artiste should know some things 🤔.. It demands that to be professional, you need to be always ready for business.. 💰

Things You Should Know As An Upcoming Artiste


Things You Should Know As An Upcoming Artiste

As upcoming Artiste, courtesy demand when someone new shows interest in your music, you follow them up.🎼 You give them more reason why you’re the best. You covert them to a solid fan 🎶 🎤

As Artiste, courtesy demand you have your song, performance and media links 📱 always on your phone. You don’t want to tell someone to go google about you before they cn reach your music. 🎧 As much as sending ur song to people is stale, telling them to google u is worse 💁🏽‍♂

As an upcoming Artiste, you should always be ready to sing. To freestyle too.🎤 Save us the story of “I’m not a freestyle artiste” 💁🏽‍♂ ..freestyle is one of your selling point if you don’t know.. Always be ready to go in hard 🔥💥

As an Artiste, courtesy demand you always look, sound and feel like it.🕵🏻 There’s no off days. When people see you, they must be able to tell instantly what you’re about. There’s nothing like “I’m not feeling like dressing up today”.. Nah bro, it’s everyday thing.. 👟 👚

As an upcoming Artiste, you must be a chronic networker. You must be out there bumping and grinding.. Your music won’t go far if you always sitting in your house. 🚌 Or if the farthest place you’ve been to this year is the Hotel next to your street 🏨.. Bro enter island, enter mainland.. You must Waka wella 🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽

There’s so many more things to learn and know bout this Music and Entertainment Business… Don’t hesitate to keep learning. Also reach out to people who are well ahead of you in the Business…

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