Story : Wrong Number – Episode 6

A year later, we are actually in our final year. We heard a shocking news. The news is on TV, radio, every where. A particular hospital was raided by the police, report got to them that the owner of the hospital is fetish.

He uses pregnant women for rituals. Especially those that came for abortion, He uses both the fetus and mother for rituals. Many girls has been reported to die on his operating table. The news has already spread across the whole city.

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Tunde and I were shocked, this is the same hospital I almost entered to have an abortion.
“No wonder you said your spirit did not agree with that hospital” Tunde said still in shock.
“I would have been a victim too” I said
I did not know where the tears came from, I cried. So God answered my prayer that day, I know He did not do it for me but He did it for my mother.

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The prayer I prayed for my mother who has served Him diligently with her whole heart was answered.
“This is nothing but pure grace, indeed our grace differs” I said to myself.
That very minute I made a promise that I will serve him all the rest of my life.

Everything went well between us, My love for him waxed stronger.
We both graduated with a first class. Tunde was the second best overall student.
Months later, Went for service. We served in different states but things was going on smoothly between us.
Yes, we have everything all planned out, we are getting married once we are through with service and start working.

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Is Tunde really the guy for Pamilerin. Did he even love her as much as he claims…. We’ll find out soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

To be Continued…… Watch Out For Episode 7

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