Story : Wrong Number – Episode 36

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During the week I decided to pay my Fiancé a surprise visit in the office.
I got there and spent few minutes to chat with Lola his secretary. She noticed the diamond ring on my ring finger and congratulated me. I went into his office afterward.


“What a pleasant surprise, you didn’t tell me you are coming” he said with his gaze fixed on the laptop.
“Dee I’m sorry for barging in on you unannounced”
“Where is that my secretary, he rang her on the intercom”
“Yes sir, you called me” She said when she walked in
“Its like you’ve gotten another job right?”
“Sir! did I do something wrong?” Lola said with pleading eyes.
“So you now bend rules for her right, I’m even sure you know she’s coming but you did not dim it fit to tell me?”

“I’m sorry sir I …I thought…
I and Daniel started laughing at her.
“So you didn’t know he was joking all along?” I pointed to her, still laughing.
“You need to see your face” he said to Lola.
She now join us in laughing too. “You scared me boss”
“I thought you don’t fear me, now I know you do, you can go back to your office/sit.
“Boss you know I do but for every rule there’s an exception” she said smiling.

“And she’s the expection!” he asked giving me a funny face.
Lola nodded and left the office smiling.
“I love surprises” he said walking up to join me on the sofa.
He gave me a peck and sat beside me.
“You are not nice at all, she almost fainted you know”
“I was just pulling her legs. What can I offer you?” he said smiling.

“Nothing, I’ll just take cold water and I can help myself with that”
I stood up and walked to the small fridge in his office, I opened the fridge and picked a bottle water.
I went back to my sit. “I brought you something” I said
“What do you bring for me” he asked excitedly
“I baked last night” I said and brought out the cup cakes I made for him.
“You are a darling” he said and gave me a kiss on the lip.
He settled down and ate the cake, I served him a glass of juice. He fed me with some of the cake.

After the light refreshments, he went back to his sit and started working.
I noticed he was very busy, so I left after an hour. He was very grateful for the treat.
I got a call from Tunde, I was already fuming before I picked the call.
This time, I’ll make sure I have him arrested” I said to myself before I pick the call.
“Pamilerin, I need you, please come, there’s no one I could call right now”
he pleaded
“Tunde please don’t start, I don’t have time for your games”
“Pamilerin I have no one else, I have nobody, please…he said crying.
“Tunde! crying, this is serious then” I thought
“Where are you now”
“My house,I mean the company’s house, I have less than 24hours to evacuate this place” he said sobbing”
I’m on my way, I said before the line went off.
I called Daniel and informed him.
“You want to go there alone, what if all this is a set up”
“I don’t think so”
“Are you not scared at all, do you have a death wish or something. This guy could harm you”
“I can’t just turn a deaf hear on him, he has no relative in Lagos and I’m sure friends would have deserted him now that he has no money again” I explained

“Give me the address, I’ll meet you there, in case you get there before me, don’t go in. Stay outside”
“He can’t hurt me, but I’ll do as you say”
“Daniella I mean it, wait for me before you embark on your rescue mission”
he said firmly.
“Yes sir! I’ll wait” I said stressing the ‘sir’ and ended the call.

To be Continued…… Watch Out For Episode 37


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