[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 9

Six days went by and i didn’t have any dreams/meeting. Six days of daily mornin and night devotions. I had gone with my sister to her
boutique for five days. My life seemed normal, and the waec lesson was starting the next day.

The morning i started the waec lesson was not eventful. I just went to the store . Then by 3:30pm my sister took me to attend the lesson as i wasn’t familiar with the town.

After my sister got me registered, she left me there after giving me T-fare to go home.
I was nervous about going into the class so i stood at the entrance of the class for a while. I was just standing there when i felt some one’s hands on my shoulder. I turned and saw a guy behind me. He was still holding my shoulder, and he was smiling. That smile did something to my tummy. It was like hundreds of butterflies were
dancing in my stomach.

“i am sorry, but you were blocking the entrance. You seemed lost in thoughts” he said “by the way i am Kevin”.he said as he stretched his other hand towards me and watched me.

He was handsome, tall, had broad shoulders and a stunning smile. Still, i didn’t reply, i never had any illusions in my mind that i would have a happy ending because of all I’ve done. So instead of replying, i walked into the class

His hand fell off my shoulder and i missed his touch instantly.
I walked to an empty seat at the back of the class and sat down. I didn’t know if and when Mr ogoh and his crew would act again but i didn’t want to befriend anybody. I won’t take any chances that could hurt innocent people again.

Kelvin didn’t look offended that i ignored him. He just kept smiling at me even when he walked to his seat which coincidentally was behind mine.
Throughout the class that day, i felt his presence behind me. I tried not to look behind me at him but after an hour of trying, i gave into temptation and looked behind me.

He was sitting back in his chair looking at me with a big grin on his face like he knew i couldn’t
resist looking at him. I turned forward and blushed.

The classes fled by and soon it was over. And i only looked thrice!. That was a big achievement. Kelvin was like a magnet. As soon as the
last teacher let the class, i pack my books with lightning speed and rushed out of the class.
I only slowed down when i got to a street junction.
I had told my sister that i knew my way back home but now i was confuse. Every where looked identical. I tried to concentration and
remember the right way but then some body touched my shoulder.

It was already dark so i thought maybe it was a robber but when i turned, i saw it was kelvin and his stupid smile. Ok not stupid but still, what’s with this guy and my shoulder?.

“hey mystery girl, you left your pen by your desk”he said, lifting a pen up to show me. I didn’t want to talk to him but i just had to ask.
“mystery girl?”
“yea, you didn’t tell me your name when i told you mine earlier so i decided to call your mystery girl”

“you know that’s not funny right?..and that’s not my pen”i told him while looking around trying to figure out which way to go.
“i know…I just wanted to talk to you..you just keep walking or running away from me”

“well that is because i dnt want to talk to you, i don’t want to know you so please stop talking to me, so i can figure out my way home”
“wait, you are lost?..don’t worry your prince charming is here to rescue you. I’ll take you home. I know i am kind. No need to thank
me” he smirked

“i dnt need your help, just go away”
“look, i get it, you don’t want to talk to me, but please just let me take you home, its already late, you could get in trouble” he had a point so i gave him my sister’s address.

He walked me to our gate and before i could thank him, he walked away.

Stay tuned for More Episodes: Enjoy!!!

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