[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 7

After the death of maro, Mr ogoh informed me that i was of age to start performing yearly sacrifice.

He said if i didn’t offer anybody, they would help me choose . Maro was just the first sacrifice.

A family meeting was called after maro’s burial to discuss the allegations towards my mother. Blessing and her husband also came for
meeting. My mother denied knowing anything about the death of my father and her niece, maro.

Since there was no evidence, the matter
was dropped to aunty rose’s disappointment.
Sister blessing and her husband stayed for a week. The night before their departure, my mother called a meeting in our sitting room.

At the meeting she asked aunty blessing and her husband to take me to live with them in warri so i could write my waec there and help my sister in her boutique. My sister and her husband accepted.
James, my sister’s husband left the next day because of his business while my sister stayed for additional three days to help me pack and
get ready for our trip.

I had mixed feelings about going to warri. I was happy that i was leaving because i would be far away from my family and wouldn’t hurt
them anymore. Also, i wouldn’t see Mr ogoh anymore. I thought maybe if i was far away, they wouldn’t haunt me anymore. But i was sad because if they still tormented me, i would be bringing destruction to my sister’s family.but i had no choice, i had to go.

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