[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 6

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After the death of success, i shut down completely. My mother didn’t notice anything because she was always busy with the farm and our kiosk at the market.

In school i was always alone. I didn’t want my friends to get hurt or die because of me so i avoided them. I never paid attention in
class . I was just an empty shell waiting for when calamity will strike again.

My next victim was my PHE teacher. Mrs Edith was a chubby middle age woman. I was sick that fateful day so i wasn’t participating in the exercise with my other classmates.

She came to me and asked why i wasn’t participating. I told her i was sick so i couldn’t join in. She just looked at me with disgust and fury.
“you think pretending to be sick will get you out of participating right?… You are so mistaken. Now go over there and pick pin”

“but i can’t ma’am, i am really sick, i am not pretending” i said tryin to convince her. But the more i begged, the angrier she became.

She dragged me to the teacher’s office where i was flogged and disgraced.
My sickness escalated because of the strokes of cane i received. That night, I made sure i didn’t wish her death because the last time i did, success died.

I stayed at home for two days after that. When i went back to school, i heard Mrs Edith was dead

She drowned at the village stream. So again, i have caused another death. I know talking to Mr ogoh won’t help, so i kept quiet.

Days later, aunt rose, my mom’s sister came to visit us with her two children. Maro, the first daughter of aunty rose was assigned to my
room which was the only available room in the house at that time.

I protested, but nobody listened. They thought i was just being selfish.

. That night, i stayed awake, i couldn’t sleep from fear of what would happen.
Hours after Maro fell asleep, i was still awake watching over her. I watched over her till dawn before sleep took me.

Some time later, i heard my mom enter my room. It was a Saturday and we had to go to the farm. I opened my eyes and turned and told her, i was already awake. She smiled then moved to the other side of the bed to wake maro.
She tapped maro’s shoulder and called her name but there was no reply. We thought she was just a deep sleeper so i called her name louder and shook her. Still no reply. That was when i noticed that maro hadn’t moved an inch from where she slept last night.

Apparently, while i kept watch over her through out the night, she was already dead.
Aunty rose was devastated. She accused my mother of being a witch who killed her husband and maro. My mother just kept apologizing while
looking at me. I was at that time, she knew something was wrong with me.

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