[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 5

Success and i had just retired to our room after eating. She told me stories about warri which was where she lived with her mother before she came to live with us.

I laughed alot that night to her tales. Little did i know that that was the last laugh that would leave my lips for a long time. Success fell asleep before me. As soon as i closed my eyes to sleep,
i felt some one tap me . I opened my eyes to see who it was and standing before me was my father’s ghost.

He was clothed in white and he was crying. I sat up to touch him but my hand went through him. I cried and begged him to forgive me, i told
him i was sorry but he just kept crying.

I tried to touch him again and that was when success shook me. Apparently, it was a dream.
Success held me and tried to console me. She asked me what was wrong but i couldn’t say anything.

“i heard you saying, i am sorry for killing you papa, please forgive me, so you better start telling me what is going on or else i will report you to mama” she said “you can’t!…it was just a stupid dream, forget about it”.

“no!…i want to help you. Tell me what is wrong. You used to always be a vibrant girl but ever since dad died you became introverted. Tell me what is wrong”. “i can’t, you don’t understand” i tried to explain but she was already moving from the bed towards the door.

But Suddenly, she just slumped and fell. “success!… You are scaring me, wake up” i tried to wake her but then my mom entered the room.
“racheal, what is wrong?. What happened to success?”

“i don’t know, she just fell”i said weeping. My mother started wailing and screaming for help.

Faith, prosper, God’spower, Mr ogoh and some
of our other neighbours rushed into the room.
Soon, the room was filled with wailing women and children. I just stood there, too shocked to utter a word. I looked from success’ lifeless body to Mr ogoh. Since he came in, he has been giving me
secret smiles and this made me suspicious.

I moved to the end of the room to where he was.
“what have you done?” i asked whispering
“i just did what you wanted”he said shrugging
“i didn’t want that. I don’t want her to die. I never wanted this”

“i just did what you wished for..you wished she was dead in your mind right?”
“what?!… I was just angry. Please wake her up. Please”i begged.
“what is done is done, so you better go there and cry for your cousin”he said and walked out.
I dragged my depleted body over to where my family was, and just like he said, i cried for my cousin.

Nobody suspected anything. Ofcourse i was just a fifteen years old quiet child. What harm could i possibly do in their eyes?.
But i could already feel that my time here was already coming to an end.

Stay tuned for More Episodes: Enjoy!!!

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