[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 4

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My dad never got better. He was diagnosed at the community hospital of having leg cancer. He couldn’t go to the farm anymore and this made
our daily income to decrease while our expenditure increased.

We had to purchase a set of crutches for my father so he could move around the house. I was always left at home to look after my father.
This wasn’t what i wanted . I complained day after day to Mr ogoh but he always told me they were working on it. One fateful day, while i was complaining to Mr ogoh again, my dad walked in on us.

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I never knew if he heard what we were saying but the next day my father died.

As usual Mr ogoh told me it was my fault.
It was a sad event for my family. I cried my eyes out that day and at the burial. People tried consoling me but i knew i didn’t deserve
their consolations because i did it. I killed my father.

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After my father’s death, everything cooled down. I tried to avoid Mr ogoh at all cost

I wasn’t asked to do anything else in my dreams. The meetings in my dream continued but i was only a spectator. I watched people offer their family members.

Two years later, things started getting better for my family. My sister blessing got married to a rich contractor from the city and this made our standard of living to improve.

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My brother, favour also got admitted into the university. Mr ovie, my sister’s husband provided money for all his school expenses. He also
promised to sponsor favour through out his five years of studying electrical engineering.

Joy was back in my family but then i got an unexpected visitor.

*who do you think was the visitor?*
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