[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 3

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Three days later, i was awaken by my mother’s scream. I woke up with a start and ran to my mom’s room. When i got there, i saw my mother
sitting on the ground wailing . My other siblings were also there. “brother favour, what is wrong with mama?”i asked my eldest brother.

“can’t you see papa is hurt”he said pointing to my father who was lying on the bed. I didn’t notice him when i entered but then i saw what was wrong.

My dad’s right leg was decaying and it had maggots all over it. My dad was fine the previous night so i couldn’t understand what went
wrong. I turned to look at the sad faces of my family.

I didn’t know what to do so i went to Mr ogoh to ask for help, since he told me he would make all my wishes come true. All i wanted then was for my father to be healed.

When i saw him, i told him about my father’s predicament and asked him for help. He told me it was my fault. He said i didn’t place the
calabash rightly and now my father would die because of me. They never told me how to place the calabash so i was confused. But as a twelve
years old naive child i didn’t know i was being manipulated.

Mr ogoh sent me home and told me he would make my father better. He also told me, i was a bad person who made my father sick. I went home feeling guilty, not knowing what else to do but believing Mr ogoh’s lies.

Stay tuned for More Episodes: Enjoy!!!

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