[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 2

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Success came home an hour after i ate the food and i told her about how jacky ate my food and how Mr ogoh was kind enough to help me by
giving me food from his house.

Success didn’t seem to care. She just rushed to the kitchen to cook our evening meal before my parents came back from the farm. When our parents got back, i told them about Mr ogoh giving me food when jacky ate mine. I didn’t tell them about success leaving the house . I didn’t want her to get in trouble so i told them success was
sleeping so i didn’t want to wake her when jacky ate my food. My parents were thankful for the help and decided to thank Mr ogoh the
next day.

Later that night, after falling asleep, i had a dream. I saw my self among a group of people wearing black gowns. I was the youngest there
and it was so scary.

I looked around and saw Mr ogoh there. He came to me and i cried for him to take me home.
He told me not to worry that i was now among special people and that they would make all my wishes and requests come true. This made me
stop crying

I saw it as an opportunity to help my family, so i asked them to make my father rich. They gave me a calabash and asked me to put it under my parents bamboo bed. They told me that it would make us rich. They also warned me not to tell anybody about them and the calabash, or my father would die.

I accepted the calabash then i woke up. At first, i thought it was just a dream but then i saw an identical calabash by my bed. I usually slept beside success and she was still asleep so i tip-toed out of our room. I took the calabash to my parents room and put it under their bed.

The next morning, i was so excited and happy about what happened. I was so proud of my self for supposedly helping my family. Before going
to the farm, my mom had taken me to Mr ogoh’s house to thank him for his help the previous day.
They had no clue what he had done to their innocent kid. If only they knew.

Stay tuned for More Episodes: Enjoy!!!

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