[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 18 (The End)

kelvin was buried that night by the community youths while Mr ogoh’s corpse was burnt. That night, the spirit of God moved round the village and killed all the members of the coven.

Mysterious sickness were also healed that night. Some people who were pregnant for more than a year, delivered. Even Mrs Owen who had been in labour for four days gave birth that night.The village began to progress again . That day, i removed the calabash from under my mother’s bed, broke it and burnt it. A week later, My sister and her husband came to visit us in the village.

Mr James prayed for our family and they decided i would go back to live with them so i could write my waec which was already close. I agreed. Every night, i cried for kelvin. He didn’t deserve to die. I had received a mail from the city. Kelvin must have sent it before he came to the village.

The mail contained a letter and a drawing he made of me

The drawing was so beautiful, and i looked very
happy in it. In the letter, kelvin told me, when he first met me, he was fascinated by my beauty but then he noticed my sadness. He said he drew me, how he wanted me to look. HAPPY.

The letter also said his father knew about Mr ogoh’s evil powers but didn’t do anything because of guilt. Kelvin said he didn’t want to be like his father and allow his greed of being with me deter him from stoping Mr ogoh even though he knew he would die. He also wrote that his father told him, the only way to destroy Mr ogoh, was if he(kelvin) dies, because he was connected to Mr ogoh ever since Mr ogoh transferred blood to him to save his life when he was a baby.

Finally, he told me, he love me. I mourned kelvin for months but he came back to me in form of my sister’s child. The baby was born exactly seven months after kelvin died. He looked so much like kelvin and my sister named him john kelvin ovie.

No matter what, kelvin would forever remain in our minds.

Stay tuned for More Episodes: Enjoy!!!

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