[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 17

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Racheal’s pov
i woke up the next day with a feeling of unease. I felt, something was going to happen that day. I knelt beside my bed and prayed, thanking God for a peaceful night and i also reminded him of his
promise to visit.

After my prayers, i walked to the living room where my mother was.
“good morning mama”
” Racheal, now that you have woken up, we have to talk about the real reason why you came back. And no lies.” immediately, i start crying
“i am so sorry mom,i have wanted to tell you for so long . I have been possessed by Mr ogoh, after he gave me food years ago. Do you remember
that day?”
“Mr ogoh?!. We trusted him!… And he touched my little girl. Racheal you should have told us”
“how could i? He threatened to kill any body i told”
“my baby, i am so sorry for not noticing on time.

When i noticed something was wrong with you, was when maro died. I didn’t know what was really going on but i knew i had to get you out of here. Am so sorry my little girl” she said sobbing as she hugged me to her.

“am sorry mom,”. We cry together but then we hear a knock on our door.
My mom walked to her room while I wiped my tears, then walked to the door and opened it.
“hi”kelvin said

What are you doing here, how did you find me?”i asked him
“i saw your letter.”
“what?…so you know i killed my sister’s unborn child?”i wailed as i walked away from the door.
“racheal, listen to me, your sister’s baby is fine and so is she.
There is nothing wrong with you” he said walking to me
“they are fine?”
“yes, so you can come back with me”
” no, kelvin you don’t understand, am a walking death machine, anybody i love, dies so stay away from me. Please go back home”
“no racheal, you are not a witch. My grandfather was just manipulating you but i am here to help you and remember, no matter what happens to
me today, know that i love you so much” he said as he hugged my crying body and kissed my fore head.

“what are you going to do?”i asked him. He just smiled a sad smile as he moved away from me and headed outside. I followed him and saw that
he was heading towards Mr ogoh’s house. I tried to stop him but then Mr ogoh came out of his house. He was clothed in black.
“hahaha” he laughed evilly.”this must be my lucky day, the two people i want to destroy.”
“the only person getting destroyed today is you, grandpa. You have done enough. No more death”kelvin replied and Mr ogoh’s face distorted
in anger. He brought a single elephant grass, put it in his mouth as he started chanting incantations. And a sudden sharp pain started in
my abdomen. I shouted and cried in agony. Kelvin was beside me writhing in pain too. I started praying and shouting JESUS…then i felt the pain disappear.

Suddenly, kelvin who was writhing in pain was up and then i saw him retrieve a knife from his pocket. But instead of using the knife on Mr
ogoh, he stabbed himself.
“no!” i shouted and heard Mr ogoh shouting too as he slumped on the ground at the same time as kelvin.

By this time, people were already gathered and then they surrounded Mr ogoh who was on the ground confessing everything he did.

He confessed about the people he killed, the wombs he shut, the destinies of youths in the village he took and so on. I could hear people
screaming and swearing at Mr ogoh but the only person on my mind was kelvin.

I walked to him and held his hand while he tried to talk.
“R r r racheal, i had to do this, to save you and every one else. My father should have done this years ago and you shouldn’t have suffered. And many people would be alive.”

“oh kelvin”
“you have to promise me, that from now on, you would live life fully without fear and sorrow.”
“kelvin, stop talking. Preserve your strength. Some one already called an ambulance. It would be here soon.”
“just promise me racheal”he said coughing out blood.
“ok, i promise, so please stop talking”
“thank you, i l l l love you”he said and suddenly a mysterious thunder strikes and hit Mr ogoh and then kelvin’s breath stopped.

“kelvin!, some one call an ambulance. Kelvin!” i shouted as i shook him. I kept crying and shaking him till my mother came to me. She dragged me away from kelvin’s body then she hugged me and tried to console me.

That day, the heavens opened and a heavy rain fell. It was as if the heavens was crying for kelvin too.

Stay tuned for More Episodes: Enjoy!!!


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