[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 16

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Kelvin’s pov
After walking out of the house, i rushed to the road and boarded a taxi which took me to Racheal’s house. When i got there, i saw her Mr
James helping his wife out of a taxi. Mrs blessing looked weak but Mr James had a big smile on his face. I wondered what had happened . I came down from the taxi and walked over to them. “good evening sir, ma’am” i greeted.

“oh, kelvin. You are here for racheal right?, she should be inside the house”
“yes sir, i know its late but i need to talk to her, its urgent and important”
“its alright, just help me call the gate man to open the gate so we could all go inside”he said as he supported his wife’s movement to the gate.
When we got inside Mr James offered me water and told me to sit in the sitting room while he took his wife to rest upstairs. He also promised to tell racheal of my presence. I never knew how famished i was because of the stress of the day until i saw water, and i drank it like it was the only water i would get to drink in this life.

It was after about 20mins before Mr James came back to the living room and he looked bewildered. His normally tucked in shirt was untucked and creased.
“what is wrong sir, is racheal on her way down?” i asked
“i could not find her in her room

She was supposed to meet us at the hospital but she didn’t show up”
“the hospital?…is she sick?”
“no, my wife’s pregnancy gave us a scare, so we rushed her to the hospital but thankfully she’s fine and so is our baby. Where could racheal have gone?, her things were not in her room. I only saw her phone and this letter on her bed. Please kelvin, could you please read this letter to me, i don’t have my glasses with me here, and it could
say where she went” he rambled as he handed the letter to me. I took it with trembling hands and read it.
“oh no.”i exclaimed
“what’s wrong?… Where did she go, what’s in the letter?” Mr James asked all at once.
“she thinks your wife lost her baby and that she caused it”
“why would she think that?”
“she thinks she a witch but she’s not. Its a long story which i can’t get into right now but we have to help her before she does something she would regret. Do you know where she could have gone to?” i asked “the village. But i can’t go right now, my wife is in a tender condition right now so she can’t travel and i can’t leave her here alone. I should call my pastor, we need to pray, go and help her, i will be here praying on her behalf”. He said. He gave me the directions to racheal’s house in ughelli. I thanked him and went back home to get money for my journey.

On getting to my house, i saw an ambulance in the compound. I walked towards it and saw my father on a stretcher and i could see blood.
“what’s going on?” i asked a man who was standing by the ambulance. He looked like he was the driver.
“do you live here?”
“yes, that is my father at the back of the ambulance. What happened?”
“he committed suicide. He cut his wrist and bled to death. The gate man alerted us” he said as he gave me a sympathetic look.
“death!… Oh no!..father! Father! Please don’t leave like this. No no no. Are you sure he is dead?. He looks like he is just sleeping. She wake him up. Why don’t you try?… Please he is all i have” i moved to the back of the ambulance and tried to rouse my father from his supposed slumber.

I kept shaking him and calling his name but there was no reply. I looked at how peaceful he looked and could not believe he killed himself. Then i saw his hand clenched on something.

I opened his hand and saw it was a piece of paper. I grabbed it and hid it in my pocket so no one would see it. This was a family matter and i didn’t want it to get out. The attendants held me and dragged me as they entered the ambulance and drove away.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and brought the letter out of my pocket to know what was written in it. It was my dad’s handwriting. In the letter, he apologized for all the evil he did. He said he should have expose his father when he found out his secrets but his greed made him a slave to the evil man’s whims. He asked me to stop my
grandfather and save everyone from him. He also told me Mr ogoh’s weakness.

I shed painful tears for my father as i walked into the house to prepare for my journey.
Now i was more determined. I must end this. I was a man on a mission.

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