[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 15

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Kelvin’s POV
All through Saturday night and Sunday, i had been thinking about Racheal. And our kiss. I had wanted to kiss her since the first day i saw her looking nervous and beautiful and i finally had her in my arms on Saturday night before she ran away from me. I needed to talk to her but unfortunately, i didn’t have her number.

Finally its Monday and i can’t wait to talk to her . Tell her how much i love her and hopefully, kiss her again. My life had never been as fun and bright as it became ever since i met her.

While i was getting ready to leave, our gate man came in to tell me, there was an old man at the gate claiming to be a relation. I had never met any of our relations and when i asked dad why, he said we didn’t have any. He told me he was an orphan and that my mom’s family disowned my mother when she married him.

I went to the gate to see the old man who claimed he was a relation. He wore a worn out lace top with a faded George wrapper. He looked fragile and had white hair scattered all over his hair and beard. I asked him what he wanted and he told me he came to find his son, Mr Charles ochuko.

I looked at him from head to toe and different questions flashed through my head

How did he know my father’s name?, was he really my grandfather and if yes, why did my father say he had no relation?.
He was an old man and i couldn’t leave him outside so I brought him into the house and entertained him with water before going upstairs to get my phone to call my father.

My father sounded alarmed on the phone when i told him about the mysterious man claiming to be his father. He told me he was on his way
home and to watch the old man.

I gave up all hopes of seeing racheal that day when my father came home and told me to go up to my room. I could hear heated conversation
as i walked upstairs. That week was so tiring as my dad told me to stay at home and watch his father every time he went to work. I was to
report all his activities to my father. None of my questions were answered. My dad just looked more apprehensive every day.

Five days went by and i was still on watching duties. My grandpa didn’t do anything unusual and i was getting tired of watching him but
later that day, my gateman came to tell me a girl was outside the gate asking for me. I wondered who it was but then i saw it was racheal.

I almost drove her away because of my irritable attitude but i got her to stay and i was about to taste her lips again when she turned white. She was looking at my gate shocked. I looked to see my grandpa and when i scolded him for coming outside, she turned paler. I asked her what was wrong but i don’t think she heard me. She just kept staring at him and moving away from me.

My grandpa walked to her to see what was wrong but that made her more scared and when he touched her, she bolted.

I ran after her but she entered a taxi so i couldn’t get to her. I stopped by the side of the road to think about her unusual reaction to my grandpa but i couldn’t think of any explanation for it. I turned back and walked back home because that was the only place i could get answers. I needed to talk to my grandfather.

When i got to the house, i saw my father’s car in the compound. I continued walking but when i got to the door, i could hear my father shouting. I was going to open the door when i heard my father mention my mother so i stood there listening.
“i already gave you my wife, what else do you want from me?!” my father shouted.

“stop whining, like you aren’t enjoying the wealth you gained from her death.”grandpa shouted back and i pressed my ear to the door to make
sure i was hearing correctly.
“i never wanted her to die, i only agreed to give our unborn children to get wealthy…

She had 6 miscarriages, isn’t that enough blood?”
“kelvin survived, so she had to die and now, i need more”
“why now after all this years?”
“my source of sacrifice ran dry. the little girl i deceived into killing her family left the village and i couldn’t locate her spirit anymore… I just saw her, and touching her burnt me, she has
protection now. “i couldn’t take it anymore so i opened the door. They looked at me shocked.
“you killed my mother, now you want racheal?!… Oh my God, no wonder she ran away when she saw you. What did you do to her?” i ask my
grandfather as i grabbed his neck and squeezed.
“i didn’t do anything to her”
“liar!”i squeezed harder.
“i tried but i could catch her spirit, i just made her think she was a killer. I tried possessing her but her spirit was too strong. I could only summon her spirit but couldn’t possess her. She was a naive kid so i just deceived her and made it seem like she killed all the people i killed” he said. I left his neck then walked out of the house. I needed to find racheal

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