[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 14

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Throughout the drive to ughelli, i made up my mind to confess and tell the whole world about Mr ogoh and his cohorts.

Many other innocent children could suffer the same fate as me if i don’t expose them.
I knew they would be consequences for exposing their coven but i was ready for anything . There would be no more death in my household.

Before leaving, i had sent a text to kelvin telling him i loved him and that i was grateful to him for showing me how to live and dream.

I also told ada i would not be coming back. Even though she didn’t know my reason for leaving, we cried together and bade each other fare well.
As soon as i got to my village, the first thing i did was to go to the church and pray. I was going to ask God for forgiveness and commit my spirit to God but when i got there, a pastor was standing at the entrance of the church and as soon as he saw me he called my name.

This was strange because i wasn’t a member of that church when i was in the village so it wasnt possible that he knew me. He walked towards
me and i just stared, dumbfounded.

He told me he was pastor Paul and that while he was praying, God instructed him to stand at the entrance of the church and wait for a
young woman

He said God said he should tell the young woman whose name was Racheal to go and wait at home, for the lord would soon visit her household.
I didn’t understand the message but i decided to just go home and wait for the lord’s visit. I thanked the pastor and left the church after he prayed for me.

When i got home, my mother was surprised to see me. She was so happy and my other sibling prosper, who was still living with my mother came
to take my suitcase to my old room.

I told my mother that i missed her and that was the reason i came home. She believed me and cooked me my favourite meal that night.
After bathing, i retired to my old room. I took out the olive oil that i carried from warri and sprayed it around the room. I covered the room with the blood of Jesus, prayed and then slept. That night, there was no meeting.

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