[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 13

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Kelvin was about to kiss me again when i felt someone was watching us. I turned to see who and that was when i got the biggest shock of
my life. My heart started beating so fast, it felt like i was having a heart attack. Standing by kelvin’s gate was no other than Mr ogoh!.

And he was smiling at me. Kelvin noticed my attention was on some one else at his gate so he turned too. “grand dad, i told you not to come out. Dad doesn’t want you walking around” i heard kelvin say . But it was like he was far away because his voice felt distant to my ears.

“grand dad?” i asked no one in particular. I see kelvin turn to me and ask me if i was alright, but he was just a blur. Kelvin raised his hand and wiped the tears that i didn’t notice were already falling.

Mr ogoh walked toward us and i started walking backwards trying to get away from him as fast as i could but my brain’s commands were not
registering to my feet. And then i felt his hand touch me which sent a shiver than my spine and that was when my feet started moving. And i

Kelvin ran after me but i entered a taxi before he could reach me. I looked back and saw him chasing after the car while shouting my name.
I just told the taxi driver to drive faster.

I wiped my tears when i got to the house. It was already night and my sister would be home and i didn’t want her to see me crying.

I would not be able to explain the reason for my tears. So, putting on a poker face i walked into the house. The scene i witnessed when i entered the house was heart wrenching.

My sis was on the floor in a pool of her blood, screaming. Mr James was trying to calm her down as our gate man called an ambulance on the land line. Mr James’ face was pure torment.
As i looked at the kind couple who had cared for me all this while, Mr ogoh’s smiling face kept flashing in my mind’s eye. Once again, i have caused calamity.

An ambulance came and carried my sister. Mr James had accompanied her to the hospital. I didn’t follow them. As soon as the ambulance left,
i ran upstairs to pack my things inside a suit case. I couldn’t stay here anymore. Mr ogoh had found me and now my sister’s family was in danger.

Before leaving, i wrote a letter explaining that i had to leave for their safety. I was a witch and now i had caused my sister her baby.

Then i called ada who gave me some money which i used to go back to the village. I was now ready to face my past.

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