[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 12

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That night i couldn’t sleep. I just kept thinking about kelvin. I kept thinking about his kiss. I also wondered if he hated me for running away after our kiss. He told my self he didn’t deserve to like
a murderer.

Kissing kelvin made me realise my feelings for him. It also made me want to fix my life . Before now, i had no dream. I just went through life like a routine, waiting for disaster to strike or for karma to catch up with me for everything i did. But now i wanted to dream. I wanted to have a life.

That night, i thought about what i would love to do in the future. I had wanted to be an accountant before my life changed. I was an art student and i was good at math so i made up my mind to pursue a career in accounting. This got me excited.

I also decided to forget about my past. I was now in Christ so i am a new creature. The next day which was a Sunday, i woke up with purpose.
Then i went to the kitchen to help my sister prepare the meal. My sister was already washing the ingredients to prepare fried rice and that was when i knew that Sunday was special, coupled with the smile on my sister’s face.

At the dining room after prayers, my sis said she had goodnews to share. Mr James seemed who looked excited ask her what the goodnews

Turned out the couple were expecting a baby. She was already two months gone. My sis had been sick for a while so she had gone for check up the previous day while i went to ada’s birthday.

We ate our food with joy in our hearts and Mr James said we would Celebrate the goodnews after church. The couple had been married for
almost two years so the news was making everybody excited.

After church, Mr James took us to AJ to celebrate. We ate a lot of food and had ice-cream for desert.
My sis was glowing and Mr James was beaming. It was a memorable day.

I went for lessons the next day nervous and excited to see kelvin. I don’t know if things between us would change after our kiss. To my
disappointment, kelvin didn’t attend the lesson that day. I thought he was just trying to avoid me so i didn’t worry too much.

Ada asked me about his absence and i told her about our kiss. She was so excited for me and assured me, it was going to be okay. She also
thanked me for attending her birthday party.
Four days later and kelvin was still a no show. I never took his number so i couldn’t call him so i collected his address info from his friend, Sebastian.

The next day, i went in search of the house. I boarded to taxi to get me there. The house was like my sister’s. I knocked, and a uniformed
gateman came out.
“who i dey look for, for hia?” he asked in vernacular.

I am looking for kelvin. I am his friend. We attend the same lesson”
“okay, wait hia make i call am for you” he said as he closed the gate.
Feeling awkward standing outside the gate alone i contemplated going home but then the gate opened again and kelvin came out. He looked
“what are you doing here, Racheal” he asked me as soon as he saw me.
“i was just worried about you. You missed a full week of lesson. Now that i know you are fine, i can just go home since you don’t seem to want me here” i answered then turned around to leave when he grabbed my hand to stop me.

“i am sorry if i seem hostile, Racheal. I am just stressed out. This week has been hell for my father and i. My grandfather came to visit us and my dad doesn’t seem happy about it. He is just an old man so i wonder why my dad doesn’t want him near us” kelvin rambled.
“my dad doesn’t want me to leave the house, he keeps telling me to watch the house” he continued
“okay, i thought maybe something happened to you or if maybe kissing me scared you away from the lesson”
“ofcourse not. I loved kissing you, i would love a repeat though”he said pulling me to him.

An old man pokes his head out of the gate and when i saw his face my blood goes cold as i go pale.

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