[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 10

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The next day, i was so excited to go for the lessons. I knew, i should not get close to kelvin but i just couldn’t help it. He was goodlooking, kindof funny and kind. So i decided, i could just look and admire him without getting close.

At the lesson that day, i got a seat mate. Her name was Ada and she was nice and jovial. She was the kind of girl i could befriend if my life was normal . She tried talking to me but i just shut her off and pretended to be engrossed in the lesson.

Meanwhile my attention was on kelvin. He didn’t seem to be paying attention either. He was really
focused on what he was drawing on a paper. I couldn’t really see what he was drawing though.

At the end of the lesson, Ada asked me where i lived so we could walk home together. I thought of an excuse to use to avoid going wit her but before i could voice it out, some one answered for me.
“she already has a walking home buddy”. I turned to look at kelvin and he smiled at me. The pencil he was using to draw was sitting on his ear and he still looked good.

Ada looked to me for confirmation and i nodded my head. “alright, see you tomorrow Racheal, and you artist boy” she said as she walked away.

“Racheal” kelvin said, testing my name on his lips and that made me shudder. The sound of my name on his lips made goose bumps to break
out on my hands.

I rubbed the goose bumps away as i walked away from him.
“hey, wait for me, we are supposed to be going home together right?”
“goodnight kelvin”
“come on, you already told your friend, so from now on, we walk home

Or else you want her to know you are avoiding her”he said, as he caught up with me.
“okay, fine… I just have to endure walking home with you every day for 3 months…such a hardship” i replied, trying to sound reluctant.

But the truth was, i did want to walk with him.
“yay!” he said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the class and it felt like electricity was running through where our hands were connected.

. He never let go of my hands till we got to my gate. This time, i thanked him. He just smiled and said “anything for you, beautiful”

This made me blush and he laughed at me.
I have never thought of my self as beautiful. I never even paid any attention to how i looked but hearing him call me beautiful made me want to be beautiful for him. So the next day, i made a little effort and i applied my sister’s pink lip gloss. He noticed and commented on how pretty my lips were.

From that day, i always applied the lip gloss, just to see him glance at my lips whenever he talked to me while we walked home together every night.
Ada still kept on being friendly. She teased me about kelvin, but i told her, kelvin and i were not even friend. Two weeks later she invited me to her birthday party. I told her i couldn’t attend but she
still gave me the invite card.
I asked kelvin if he would attend and he said he would, if i agreed to go with him. I laughed it off and told him, he better go so he could find another girl to pest. He just squeeze my hands and grinned.

The thought of him finding another girl left a bitter taste in my mouth but it woul be for his own good’ i told myself.

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