[Story] Stolen Innocence – Episode 1

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Mother and father had gone to the farm earlier that day with my older siblings, blessing, faith, favour, prosper and God’spower.
I had chicken pox so i was left at home with success. Success was my cousin and she lives with us in our little thatched house in the

My parents didn’t want to leave me but they had to harvest the maize at the farm before it dries up or get eaten by birds. Success didn’t want to watch me but she volunteered so that when my parents were gone she could go with her friends to swim and avoid farm work.

So as soon as my family went out she came to my room and told me she was leaving.
“there is some food in the kitchen if you get hungry later . I will be back soon” she says as she dashed out.
She knows i wouldn’t report. The chicken pox made me fall into an uncomfortable sleep and when i woke up i was hungry. I went into the
kitchen and saw that jacky, our dog was eating my food.

“oh no. What do i do?” i say as i walk away from the kitchen. As i came out of our kitchen, i saw Mr ogoh. Mr ogoh was an old man
who lived alone. He was also a family friend who we shared a fence with.

“Rachel, how are you, i heard you have chicken pox so you couldn’t go to the farm today” he said
“good afternoon sir, i am fine”
“good…so are you alone?”
“yes sir”
“you don’t look happy, what is wrong?” he asked me and I told him about my food that our dog ate so he told me not to worry as he went
into his kitchen and brought me food.

I was just twelve years old then so i didn’t think it was wrong to eat the food he gave me. And he was a family friend. So i just ate the
food. I never knew that was the beginning of my end.

Stay tuned for More Episodes: Enjoy!!!

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