Story : Moremi – By Oyeleke Temitope John



Category: Fiction

Horrible experiences in time past brought about this strange resolution in my heart.

I resolved never to have anything to do with any lady until I breathe my last breadth, this has really helped and shaped me.

Because when others start ranting about how a rich man took their girlfriend,
I am smiling and laughing right at my laptop.

Although it sucks and sulks not being able to talk to an actual human, But it pays after all.

This happened for years until I went for an exhibition at Eko Hotel, Then I met this dashing creature, Our paths crossed and we exchanged contact.

She said her name was MOREMI,
Few days after the exhibition, I couldn’t get my mind off her charm, I then invited her over for a date, She came around wearing a necklace made of coral beads and on her wrists are beads of pebbles.

Oh what a beauty to behold,
We got home and she starts to sing,

Oh how I love to listen to the sound of music,

She sang the most enchanting melodies with a voice that pushes even the mocking birds to envy, I couldn’t get my mind off her so I inferred that we start a relationship.

She made me forget all the horrible experiences about women, The love was magical.

The period of our relationship happened to be the best moments of our life

Over time, I have been a lonely and poor guy but how MOREMI got to break all those jinx was beyond me, Truly life is spiritual,

I am not of the school of thought that believed in Goodluck, or that a person can bring luck to you when you start dating them, But MOREMI made me change my belief system because things became easy for me.

I was able to make strategic feats,
She gave me wings to fly
She also connected me to a director in one of the multi million dollar companies and I was gainfully employed.

I gracefully joined the leagues of rich men and things turned around for me, I deserted all my friends,

There was even a day my friends called me to leave MOREMI as they do feel somehow uneasy each time they talked to her,

I replied and told them that even though MOREMI was HIV positive, I’ll still go for her,

I could remember at a time when a set of armed robbers came to attack me,
While I was struggling to be defensive,
MOREMI attacked and defeated them all,
How she did it was beyond me,

I have never felt like a b**ch all my life until then, 😱

MOREMI practically completes me,
Very homely, humble and respectful,

She’s all I ever wanted in a woman,

Few months gone,
I decided to put a ring on her finger,
Then I requested for her parents but they reside abroad,

So I decided to take her to my Mum,
Mum told me she’s a good girl but she’s having a kind of strange feeling towards her just as my friends had told me,

But I said to myself,
What do they know,

Her parents came back to Nigeria and it was time for me to go meet them,

But before we left,

MOREMI called me inside the room and told me to get her a bottle of water,

As I rushed out to get the bottle of water,
I felt a very strange wind that lasted for about 10 seconds,
I got the bottle of water and Alas MOREMI was long gone,
Like a whirlwind,
She had vanished into the atmosphere,

While still trying to get the exact picture of what had just happened,
I saw a letter beside the bed,
As I read the letter with tears in my eyes,
The letter portrayed that MOREMI was a ghost and that she has only come to fill up my lonely heart, It also states that it was time for her to return to where she belongs,

Oh what a sad experience,
I guess I’ll have to return to my old life,
But all my friends are gone,
I’m left with no one,

I guess I’m slowly walking back to my life of isolation and loneliness,
I am here,
Sitting on my bed,
Staring at the super hot sniper standing before me,

I guess I’ll never know the life without you,
If this sniper can take me to where you are,
I guess I’ll have to come to you,
Cos I do not want to imagine a life without you,

I can’t live without you.



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