Story : Marriage Proposal – Episode 30 (Final Decision – The End)

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“What! Wait! I don’t understand!
“You mean my secretary has been the Mary you told me about all these while? Mehn, I just can’t believe this is really happening” Beatrice said to Uche who was now with her in the office.
Uche couldn’t give any response. Both he loves, Mary he prefers, but Beatrice is pregnant. He stood there patiently waiting for the ground to open and swallow him up or at least let the rapture trumpet sound. He was however disappointed.

Even a whistle wasn’t blown, so he had to face his troubles. Just then Mary walked into the office with her heads bowed. Then she said “Please ma, am so sorry for coming into your office uninvited. I just have some things to say. Can I please go ahead?” Beatrice responded affirmatively nodding her head like an agama lizard in confusion.

Facing Uche, Mary started “My boss’ daughter have been a source of help to me for just these two months of knowing her. Even though I had performed poorly in the interview, she still decided to take me instead of others. She also got to know of my emotional condition and never took it personal when it started affecting my performance.”

“She got to know about my uterus when I planned committing suicide and has been a source of encouragement to me in not taking my life seeing I can’t give birth any longer. She is also the one currently taking care of my mum’s bill in the hospital since we broke up. All of these are just few of the things she has done for me.” She added.

“Uche if you really still have an iota of feelings for me in your heart. I want you to go on with your wedding with her as planned. You both deserve each other.” Mary said as she wrapped up her emotional speech or should we call it a sermon.
“I disagree” Beatrice said cutting her off.
“I think you both are the ones who deserve each other. You guys have come this far. And Uche was still ready to go the extra mile with you even though he knew you had no womb.
You might not get any man like him again. Perhaps this is just fate for us all. You both should be the ones to Wed.” Beatrice said with tears coming out from her eyes cleaning some parts
of her Mary Kay.

Uche still stood there watching both ladies debating like the US presidential candidates of 2016. Only that both were giving reasons why he should marry the opponent at the expense of self. He got more confused and for the first time he wished he was spider-man, so he could run through the window leaving both ladies behind. Both ladies kept on staring at him expecting a response like the beggar in the beautiful gate.

Just then, Mary said “What then about her pregnancy? You see more reasons you have to marry her. Abortion is definitely not an option. Remember that’s what kept me in the condition I am now.” Uche got so confused and couldn’t tell which to actually choose. Just that moment he realized how much he loved both of them. But, making a choice was almost an impossibility for him.

As he took his hand out from his pocket and coughed gently as he would always do before he talks emotionally, he started shedding tears. The corporate atmosphere had been turned into an emotional terrain. Both ladies joined him in the weeping galore.  After about five minutes of crying out their eyes until they felt that feeling of ease, Beatrice decided to break the ice.

Facing Mary, she said “I may not have known you for too long, but the few moments I have been with you, I think I can say you are a nice fellow. You have a beautiful soul.” Moving her face towards Uche, she said “You already have a baby in me. However, I don’t mind allowing Mary to bring him or her up while she is married to you. You are 28 already, Mary 26 but am just 25.

Objectively, Mary might never get another man like you, who will love and accept her as she is.”
“Marry her and move on with your life. At least your mum would have a grand-child through you too. This will definitely not be easy for me, but believe me if you don’t marry Mary, it will be worse for her. When faced with two evils, it’s appropriate we choose the lesser one” She added emotionally as she kept on crying.

Mary increased the volume of her crying from weeping to wailing and then walked slowly to Beatrice and hugged her. The hug was so deep that Beatrice could literally hear the heartbeat of her heart saying “thank you” to her. Uche who was as weak as water-leaf walked towards them and hugged them both.

Just that moment the Taiwo and Young’s families opened the office door. They meant the trio hugging and couldn’t help buy shed tears with them. Apparently, Loveth had narrated the whole story to Mr. Taiwo, who later told his wife and the Young’s. “At least for once, my child should be happy and do what he wants” Mrs. Young had concluded.


The wedding plan of Uche and Beatrice still continued, only that Beatrice’s name was replaced with Mary’s. It was a like a hard yam to chew for Beatrice, but her watch-word remain, “Mary would be worse off if she doesn’t get to marry Uche” Six months after Uche and Mary’s wedding, Beatrice gave birth to a boy. She had moved back to the UK to prevent her from remembering the constant negative feeling her sacrifice had left in her. The Baby was named after his father Uche Jr. and given a Yoruba name also – Oluwaseun. Baby Junior returned back to Nigeria when he got to two-years and he lived happily with his father and new mum – Mary.


1. True love still exists
2. It’s is very possible to love two people at the same time, but you would always prefer one. If you don’t prefer one, then you are probably lying to yourself.
3. All ladies are not selfish, there are still ladies out there who can sacrifice their short-term happiness for their friend’s long term joy.
4. It’s is very important following your parents counsel and leading. However, learn to take a stand sometimes so you would be happy too.

Please add the lessons you learnt from the story oh. Also add your greatest moments in the story. God bless you for reading.

Thank you for reading this story to the end. Am sure you enjoyed it.?

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