Story : Marriage Proposal – Episode 28 (Drowning in Love)


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Uche scheduled a meeting with Loveth where she had narrated all that Mary told her. He couldn’t help but shed some tears. He had probably not shed even a tear, for many years now. “You mean, all of these had happened and Mary didn’t tell me?” Uche said as he lamented bitterly like Jerimiah in the Bible.

“You know it was for your own good. You mum has told the story of how she got you after eleven years to probably everybody in this world. Imagine, if she now gets to know she won’t be having a grandchild from you. She wouldn’t accept that” Loveth said being realistic.
“Yes, you are right. She wouldn’t accept it. Everything about my life had been all about her acceptance and non-acceptance. For once, let me take a decision that will make me happy” Uche

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“What are you now insinuating? Not just your mum, anyone in their right sense wouldn’t allow you to marry her. But I still had to tell you because I thought it was right you know why. So you
could forgive yourself in case you thought you had done something wrong that made her decline your proposal” Loveth said.

“You are right once more. No one in their right sense will agree to see me marry her. I am not in my right sense anymore. I have been there for too long. All I know is that I am in love with Mary, and that’s all that matter to me.” Uche said as he had begun to cry again like the baby the mum had groomed him to be.

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“So what do you intend to do with the other lady? I saw you in your dad’s party when you were confessing heaven and earth to her. How possibly could you love two different people at the
same time? ” Loveth asked.

“Well, I did had lot of ties with Beatrice. Secondary school escapades and all that. I still have that feelings for her that was why I went back to her after I thought Mary had broken my heart. However, even without my feelings and sense of reasoning, its Mary that my heart still belongs to. I can’t seem to figure why I still love Mary, even with all these happening” Uche said.

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“Well, sometimes we must just love without having any sensible reason, otherwise it’s not love, but a mere contract.” Loveth said.
“So what about your mum? What do you tell her about the uterus stuff? Your dad and all. Also considering the fact that Mary doesn’t have a good flow with your mum. All these are just disadvantageous to her.” Loveth said Uche thought for a while, sighed heavily and then said “Well,
let’s see the direction love leads me to. I am ready to drown wherever my heart goes.”

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