Story : Marriage Proposal – Episode 27 (Loveth Intercession)


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Beatrice was standing in between the legs of Uche who sat on the slab as they viewed the blue Skye together with the gentle breeze giving it a romantic atmosphere. Beatrice said “I was just thinking, we could do this wedding in the UK darling” “Or what do you think?” She added shyly as she kept a finger in her mouth as she would always do. Uche cackled softly and said, “You are very funny dear. I wish we could do that you know. But not feasible for now. Extended family will have to be part. I even learnt your mum is bringing all her Ibadan people and definitely not all can afford the UK trip. We could do our honey moon there anyways.” Uche said as he smiled about the part of Mrs. Taiwo’s family in Ibadan.

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“Nah Nah” She replied again talking like a baby. “I have been there for years. Honey moon should be in Paris. Learnt it’s a great place” She added.
Just then Uche’s mind for the first time in weeks flashed back to Mary. Paris had been a dream city for Mary and she had always wanted to go for a visit. “Paris? Oh… That’s beautiful.” He managed to say “Paris then, if you insist” He added. At this moment, his eyes looked passed the blue Skye as he focused his gaze on Beatrice and said “So tell me, how come you are this beautiful and intelligent. Only you? Many other person’s don’t even have one of it, much more both.

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He said this in a very seductive manner that Beatrice knew it was just more than the voice talking, he needed something more. Gently, he kissed her and soon started to caress her
“Stop Uche!” Beatrice said. “This is a public place. Meanwhile there is something we need to discuss about.” She added, with her face becoming long. Just then Uche’s phone rang. “Babe please, One minute. I need to take this” Uche said. He took the call as he walked away from the noise coming from the sound system in the bar.
“Hello, who’s is this please?” Uche asked. “This is Loveth, Mary’s friend. Congratulations on your new found fiancé. Just one minute you were begging me to talk to Mary and the next minute. I saw you proposing to another lady.” She added.

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“Oh, common. Why are you sounding as if you were not the one that categorically told me to move on with my life? Let’s just say I yielded to your advice.” Uche said sarcastically.
“Well, let just say I am the one now telling you again that we need to talk and discuss extensively. What you think made Mary to decline is not true. Something else happened and it’s
important you know. At this, Uche became curious and was bent on knowing why.

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