Story : Marriage Proposal – Episode 25 (The Second Proposal)


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Now, Loveth was aware of the real deal why Mary had declined Uche’s proposal. But Uche had no idea about this. “Perhaps, he would still accept her as she is” She thought to herself.
“Perhaps, he won’t” Another voice said to her. “Well, let me still tell him and allow him make the decision. I must create time to relate this to Uche, before Mary does anything bad to herself.” She had concluded in her mind.

Loveth took out time to attend Uche’s dad welcoming party so she could relate this story to him and see if he still loves her as he had claimed all this while. But what she saw, busted her bubbles. At the party, she saw Uche sitting with another lady – Beatrice. “Was it not just a few days ago, he called me asking about Mary’s whereabouts? Perhaps, he has given up on her as I had advised” Loveth thought.

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As she was about to leave, she still felt the urge to still tell him nonetheless. “It is better he is aware and take the decision of not being interested anymore, than still being totally oblivious of everything” She said to herself. “I will tell him” She concluded as she walked closer to where he saw him sitting.

As she got closed, she had the announcement by the MC. “Ladies and Gentlemen, of course this was supposed to be Mr. Young’s welcoming and retirement party and should be all about him. However, with his permission, let us put our hands together as we welcome his son Uche as he makes a very
special announcement.”

With the round of applause, Loveth had to wait there while standing to hear what Uche had to say before walking up to tell him. “I have been around many special women in my life, but none
arouses my intellects as this lady does” Uche said as he began his speech. Everywhere became very quiet, as they could already perceive the direction the speech was going to. After a few more
sentences of formality and all that, he walked up to Beatrice, put his left hand in his pocket and knelt down with a knee and said, “I thought our childhood memories were just fantasies until
fate reconciled us back together. I have known you long enough to say that you are the woman I would love to spend the rest of my life with. My beauty and inspiration, be my moon and let me be your sun” Uche said as he popped up the big question poetically.

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“Wow”, “This is beautiful”, “They are just perfect for each other” and so many other comments kept on coming from the guests. Mr. Young’s supposed retirement party had become his son’s
proposal party. Everyone kept on waiting with curiosity to the response of Beatrice. Mrs. Young and Mrs. Taiwo started praying silently for a yes. “This would just be the perfect match for our daughter”. Mrs. Taiwo whispered to her husband.

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After the whole tension and expectation, Beatrice smiled and said “You are the standard I waited for all these years. Yes” “Eh” The crowd shouted simultaneously exactly like when Kanu Nwankwo scored the golden goal against Brazil in the 96’ Olympics. Afterwards they started to dance and rejoice as if it was the wedding party already. Mr. Young and Mr. Taiwo smiled at each other as they hugged emotionally. Only Loveth left there disappointed.

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