Story : Marriage Proposal – Episode 24 (Mary's Ordeal)


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In addition to Loveth’s curiosity first been expressed with her eyes, her surprise was now been expressed with her mouth wide open. The more she tries to talk, the wider the mouth opens and the fainter her voice becomes. She finally got herself and said to Mary whose head was now bowed down almost crying, “Babe, what happened? What led to this? How did we get here?”

Mary confused and not knowing which question exactly to answer first started crying the more. “It’s okay dear. Be calm” Loveth said as she drew her closely to herself and patted her like she would do to a three-month old baby. “Don’t worry dear. If you are not in a state to talk now, no
problem. We can always talk about this “It’s mum. She insisted I removed it and I had to do it” She said faintly that Loveth could barely hear her.

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“I don’t understand. What do you mean remove?” Loveth asked “Before I meant Uche when I was still in year one, I was raped by a gang of three armed robbers” Mary said crying softly as
she began to narrate her ordeal. “The doctors later confirmed that I was pregnant. And mum
said the shame would be too much for her if I were to keep the baby and have a bastard. Especially, since I was technically one, since my dad left us before I was born” She continued as she kept on crying.

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“I was so scared to remove it, but mom insisted that the shame would be unbearable and that she would commit suicide if I didn’t.” Mary continued narrating the tragic incidence. Loveth had soon join in the cry to give it a rhythmic melody. “The complications of the abortion led to the loss of my uterus. I haven’t told anyone about this. It was after that, I meant you in year two and Uche in year three.” She said “I almost accepted Uche’s proposal that day, but considering the fact of how long the mum had waited to have him, marrying him would just be adding salt to her injury. So I declined.

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