Story : Marriage Proposal – Episode 23 (Mary Real Problem)


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Meanwhile Mary all these while had been unable to secure a job of her choice in her field of study. She had settled for an administrative job with a firm where she serves as the secretary to a young lady. “Uche still loves you oh. Have I told you how many times he has come looking for me or calling me, all about you?” Loveth, Mary’s bestie said.  “Personally, I believe you should have given that dude a chance. He deserved more now. You are marrying him not his mum. I don’t know sha , just saying my own” Loveth added.

“Oh you are still on this Uche’s story. Maybe you should just help me marry him on my behalf na , since you are so interested in his happiness like this. “Mary said teasing her. Both laughed
softly together. “Me marry? Not now oh , abeg. After all I went through in Joseph’s hand. Nah… I will take my time to calculate before going to any other relationship abeg. It’s not my heart they will shatter again like the wall of Jericho.” Loveth said.

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Loveth had just suffered a heart break from Joseph with whom she had been dating for the past four years. It came as a shocker to her when she discovered all these while she had just been a side-chick . There was another lady as the main one. This is the reason she is so concerned about Uche because she had suffered heartbreak before and know how devastating it can be.

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“Well, seriously now sha , I have been considering all you have been telling me. I really do still love Uche. Just that…” she was still talking when Loveth cut her short and said “Just that what? Is it the mother you are marrying? Don’t do this boy like this because of the mum oh” Loveth added.
“No, not because of his mum. That was part of course, but not the main reason. Just had to use that to cover up you know.” Mary said.

Loveth became dumbfounded at this point and finally said “Wait oh, and you just kept everyone in the dark all these while, even me your bestie it’s not fair na .”
“Am so sorry dear. It was very severe. I know if I had told you, you would not have considered it enough reason. You would have probably told Uche and all that. But I love him that’s why I
didn’t want to marry him” Mary said. “Babe, enlighten me. Now am very confused. What’s the problem? What’s happening? How can you reject someone because you love him? I can’t even refer to that as a paradox.”

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Loveth said with her sockets almost falling off her eyes. She thought for some seconds then sighed deeply and said “Well, you are my friend. You need to know. But let it remain between us. I do not have a womb anymore. I cannot give birth. That was why I did not marry him”

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