Story : Marriage Proposal – Episode 22 (History)


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“…well, it’s interesting though” Beatrice said. “But how come you broke up just a few weeks ago, and here you are with me. I can’t remember being a comforter oh. That’s the job of the Holy Spirit” She added teasing him. Uche laughed softly and said “You are funny dear. I am with you because I love you. Meanwhile you haven’t told me about yours, how were the guys in the UK like? Are they as hot as we Nigerians?” He added as he smiled and opened his big eyes in curiosity.

“Hot? Of course No. Those guys in the UK were as cold as their weather was. I concluded that their emotions took after their geographical temperature” She said and both laughed so
hardly together. Just right about then Uche’s phone rang and it was his mum. “I thought you were supposed to be the one organizing this party for your dad” Came the voice ranting from the phone.
Uche was supposed to be at home putting things in order. That was why he had taken the week off at work. Apparently his affection for Beatrice had resurrected and he needed to invest the break with her.

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“I would have to go now Beatrice. Really need to be there to assist. Dad will be coming tomorrow morning and the party is tomorrow night.” Uche said feeling bad that he was about to leave her. In his experience in that regard the last time with Mary, such interruption didn’t end so well.
“Oh, no problem at all.” Beatrice said. Uche was shocked at her response. “No wonder mum has been insisting she must be the one. Apparently, both of them will easily relate” He thought.
“Or better still, why don’t I even go with you to assist for the night. Could take time off from work tomorrow too. Will just call dad to take permission and call my assistant to put things in order. She seems to be very hardworking, maybe because she is new though. But am sure she can take care of things.” Beatrice replied.

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Uche was dumbfounded. Not only was she not sad that he was interrupting their date, now she is insisting on coming to assist him for the night. “This lady must be God-sent. Fate has probably led to us to each other once more. “That would be great dear” Uche said as he was still amazed.
Mrs. Young was very happy to see Beatrice coming around to assist. This further made her wanted her for her son. Uche had just come to inspect the work that was going on that night to ensure everything was in order. It was basically the decoration and sound system guys. Beatrice had decided to help him supervise the decorating guys as she could easily relate to the work they were doing than the technical systems folks.

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After the whole work and all, it all ended by 1am. They were done for that night to resume by the morning. Beatrice couldn’t go home that night. Mum was already asleep and Ngozi was returning from school the following day. Uche’s room while he still stayed there in the family house was still vacant.

He offered Beatrice the room and promised to sleep on the couch. However, soon enough, one thing led to another and they were both in each other’s embrace. The rest became history, though slightly different from the history you know. It was actually a biological history caused by some chemical reactions in their body called hormones that lead to some push and pull forces of physics.

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