Story : Marriage Proposal – Episode 21 (The Date)


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“You remember the first time we both had a date like this?” Beatrice asked sitting directly opposite Uche in the colorful sets of furniture before them. They had finally made it a dinner, in order to have more time to talk.

It had just been three days they had a conversation that seemed like a mini reconciliation of what their childhood looked like. Here, they were back in each other’s arm once more. Uche had taken her to one of the restaurants that he was fond of taking Mary to. This was the place he had his first date with Mary. He had also sang his first song for her here. Every moment he spent in the room with Beatrice reminded him of his moments with Mary.

Uche of course once loved Beatrice as a teenager while they were growing up. But the lost in communication had made room for his heart for Mary that no one else can successfully occupy. His current escapade with Beatrice was just to ameliorate his heart break and also satisfy his mum. “I do love Beatrice, but I love Mary more” he has once thought while having a battle of thoughts between both ladies some days ago.

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“Of course I remember. How can I forget our first date” He said to Beatrice answering her question as he smiled. “It was at the new event center that was opened closed to the school.
I also remember how the Mathematics teacher, Mr. Talkless then flogged the hell out of me when they learnt we had gone out during school hours. I was unable to sit comfortably with my buttocks for like two weeks. Imagine what we do for love”
He said wearing a funny face. “Hahahaha” Beatrice laughed out so loud as she heard the
story. “I thought you said the strokes weren’t painful then, that you were a big boy and big boys don’t cry?” “What about mine? Mum kept me on severe punishment to
scrub the floor for like one week because of that. Sometimes I just imagine why she is now fond of you now. The other day, she almost didn’t let me rest, singing in my ears about marriage which I just discovered recently you were the one she had in mind. All of these just makes everything beautiful to me” Beatrice added.

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Both folks laughed once more together and held each other’s arm. As they swung their hands together, all Uche could feel was the arms of Mary’s. In the course of their conversation he
had even mistakenly called her Mary. This later led to another discussion.
He thought Beatrice would be mad about it, but she wasn’t a bit. She tickled his hands gently and said, “So tell me about this Mary”
Uche was surprised and tried dodging the question. “Beatrice, I think we shouldn’t talk about that today, let me sing for you instead.

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“Nah! I want to hear it today, you could sing for me some other time” She said still rubbing his hands gently.
After much ado, he smiled and said “Alright, I will just give you headlines only. Mary is my Ex. I meant her in the University in my year-four and we dated for like two years or thereabout. We
broke up a few weeks ago. “Oops! A few weeks ago? That’s serious

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