Story : Home Alone With My Step–Brother (18+) – Episode 3

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The following day, my mum and her husband finally left the house. They travelled for their honeymoon. I started trying my boyfriend’s phone number but it wasn’t reachable, I was expecting him that day but it wasn’t reachable not until later in the day. I talked to him one he promised to come the next day that he can’t make it that day anymore.


I felt bad cos I was already horny, I already made proper planning but he said he was gonna come the next day sha. Daniel’s girlfriend too also promised to come the next day. I slept alone in the house that day, Daniel went clubbing cos it was on friday.

The next finally came, I was so anxious about Festus arrival, I was already anticipating. Daniel wasn’t back, I was the only one at home. I took my bath, cooked Festus’ favourite food, already put on make up, was wearing my s#xy nightgown, a very s#xy and skimpy night gown, I was wearing no underwear.

Still expecting my baby to come….. Around 2pm, the door bell rang, I rushed down stairs, adjusting my gown and acting s#xy. I opened the door and it was the stupid Daniel.

Me: mtcheeeew (I hissed) its even you.. (Disappointed)
Daniel: Wow! Is this you or am I dreaming? I walked away from him trying to cover my body, especially my cleavages…
Me: what are you even looking for sef? I sat on the chair..
Daniel: oh! So you thought its your boyfriend abi (laughing)
Me: are you mocking me now?
Daniel: Pele dear! But seriously girl you are hot and s#xy, how I wish..
Me: in your wildest dream.. (Annoyed)

Daniel: anyway my girlfriend is coming today, she’s even on her way sef.. He brought out some herbal drugs from his cross bag..
Me: what is this?
Daniel: this is what they call amokole (s#x enhancer)…
Me: so what is this one for now?
Daniel: marathon s#x of course…. I wanna f#ck jumoke (his new girlfriend) all night, non stop s#x, like the way they do it in blue film. …..
Me: nawa oooo. So where did you get this one from now?
Daniel: from aboki ni, my customer. This is what I use if I want f#ck those girls.

Me: hmmmm.. He brought out the substance with a bottled seven up drink, he mixed it together and he drank it.
Daniel: my girlfriend will soon be here, in the next 2 hrs, she’s on her way now… This drug will make me f#ck her for 5 hours or more I was interested in the drug but I couldn’t say anything. I would love to have marathon s#x with Festus too. I’ve been dying of s#x starvation.. Daniel left the sitting room, he said he wanna go shower, he left. But the drugs was still on the table, I quickly took one out of the drugs and quickly used it with the seven up drink. Hoping that Festus will be around before 4pm, I went to room, I was imagining how the s#x is going to be like. I also want our s#x to be like the way they do it in blue film too, non stop s#x things…

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