[Story] Falling For Innocence – Episode 7

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“I cant believe we are in here Sarah. How could you hit a damn cop?” . Sarah and i are currently sitting on the bare floor in a piss smelling cell.

Thankfully, the police man Sarah hit is fine.He would need a couple of stitches for his head though.

“Can you please stop shouting okay? You were the one who kept pouring me more tequila. I thought you were getting robbed.” She says while
massaging her temple. I think the hangover is starting to set in.

“I’m actually whispering right now, Sarah” I say with a little bit of amusement in my voice.
“Whatever” Sarah says and stick her tongue out at me. How cute. How I’ll love to suck on that tongue. Jeez, i cant believe am sitting my
expensive ass on this disgusting floor and am still thinking of sucking on my sister’s tongue. I am just going to blame it all on the alcohol.

“We are going to jail aren’t we?” Sarah ask in a small voice.
“oh thank God, You think they’ll let us off if we apologize?” she ask
“they are gonna let me out. Because i didn’t hit a cop. But you stepsis, i think you are going to get locked up for a long time” i cant help but tease her in this moment.

“But-i was just trying to save you. I couldnt think about anything else when i saw a gun pointed to your head” she sob out.

“Hey. Shh.Am just messing with you sis.” i say to console her but her cries just increases. I made her cry. I cant help that am a certified
A-hole but the sight of her tears is breaking my ice cold heart. I move closer to her and pat her back awkwardly. This brother thing is so weird to me.

“Listen Sarah, i won’t let anything happen to you okay?. I got us into this mess and I’ll get us out. So i already called my mom and we’ll get bailed out in no time.Why don’t we call your dad too?” i say
“no please don’t call him.” she say, looking panicked.
“don’t!” she yell at me and i shut up.Sarah gets up from beside me and move to hug the metal bars locking our cell. I want to go to her and console her even if i don’t know what’s going on with her dad but i stop myself. Its not even up to 24hrs since i met this girl and i am feeling things i said i wouldn’t. I better stay away. I have other things to worry about anyways like the fact that i am in a cell for assaulting a policeman and suspected theft. This is not going to bode well for my image and my manager would not be pleased. I cant even start to think of the fact that Hannah is here.

Nope, am not going there right now. My head is pounding and my body is tired after the
rollercoaster of feelings its been through today. I cant wait to sort all this out and get the hell out of this place.This city. I rest my back against the disgusting wall and close my tired eyes as i fall
into a fitful sleep with dreams of hannah’s face turning into sarah’s.” Mr Jake your bail has been posted, you are free to leave”a police officer announces while unlocking our cell. Its been hours and the sun is already up. I have been awake for most part of it just like Sarah. I have been watching her and she hasn’t slept a wink.
“What about Sarah?” i ask pointing to Sarah who is just curled up on the floor.

“Well, nobody’s come for her. Are you getting out or not?” the officer ask annoyed. I look down at Sarah before i walk out the cell.


I can’t believe he left me here. Whose fault is it that i got drunk anyways? Who was i protecting that got me locked up? The A-hole.

Nobody came for me. Why am i surprise? My dad is probably still in portharcourt. I still wonder why he keeps avoiding me. From the time i turned 5, he dumped me in a boarding school where i schooled till i graduated ss three and he only visited me once every year on my birthday. He had said once that i look like my mother so maybe that’s why he’s avoiding me. I remind him of her and it hurt him to see me.

Why did he invite me to this engagement anyways? My eyes go blurry with tears and i try my best not to let them fall. What is it about me
that make people abandon me?

“Sarah” i raise my head to see Jake standing in front of my cell with a police officer.
“Open it” he tells the police man who complies.
“Sarah, come on. We can go home now.” Jake says and i am helped up by the policeman. I manage to walk to where Jake is and i hit his chest with my fist.

“You left Jake. I cant believe you left me Jake. You left. You always leave” i sob while i hit him continuously.

“Am sorry, babe” Jake say while taking the hit. My body is shaking but the tears cant fall.
“Let it out sweet pea. Let it out” Jake says and the tears fall. Am undone.
“Come here, sweet pea” Jake says and envelope me in a hug. I don’t even know why i am crying.
Someone clear her throat beside us and i shoot out of jake’s arms. A beautiful woman, probably in her thirties stands beside Jake.

“you must be Sarah. I am Margaret. Come here darling” she says and engulf me in a hug. I look up to Jake and mouth the words thank you to
him. He wink at me then grin and i swoon. Stupid heart be still.

Jake’s mother finally let me go. “Am sorry your daddy couldn’t make it. His flight from portharcourt was delayed. I don’t even know why he left yesterday when i told him i invited you” Margaret says
“wait, you invited me?”
“yea. Your dad didn’t want to bother you.” she says.
“Hey mom. We still have to meet with this issue. The lawyer is waiting. Come on”Jake interrupts
“oh, yea. Come on Sarah. Lets get your names cleared” miss Margaret says as she hook her arm in mine and we go to meet with the lawyer.

“So what are we looking out?” Jake ask as soon as we are seated.
“You both are looking for a series of charges. Assault, destruction of private property, attempted theft and resisting arrest.” the lawyer
answers while looking solemn.

“I don’t have time to listen to any legal nonsense so just tell me how we are going to resolve this without it going to court.” Jake says without
feeling. This must be the business side of Jake. So scary.

“Your only option is to meet the police officer you assaulted and resolve this with him. The other charges can be dropped because they are baseless.”
“Okay, we will meet with him later. Right now, am too tired to negotiate with a police officer. Sarah, mom, lets go”
“I have looked into this man Mr Jake. He is a straight cop. He has principles and i would advise that you meet him now.” the lawyer says.

“But-” Jake goes to argue but i interrupt him.
“We’ll go. What’s his address?” i ask. The lawyer scrawl the address on a piece of paper and hand it to me.

“Thank you” i say and drag Jake out.
“One more thing” the lawyer says and we turn back to him.
“Be humble Jake” he says and Jake chuckles.


“Come on, i think this is the house” Sarah says.
“How can you be sure? The address just says the street name and number.”
“Look. There is a police uniform hanging to dry” Sarah says pointing at a uniform in the corridor of the house.
“Well now you know how a police uniform looks like. If you had known that yesterday we wouldn’t be in this mess” i tease and she stick that
little tongue at me again.

“You need to stop doing that sweet pea”
“Sweet pea?” she raise her cute brows at me
“Hey, a brother can give his stepsis a sweet name right?” i ask and she laugh. What a magical sound. I can write a song about it.

A guy comes out of the house and his eyes fall on Sarah immediately.
“what’s a goodlooking woman doing in front my house this early morning.God am i still dreaming or did you really send me an angel?” he says and Sarah laughs. Jeez, so cheesy. Who falls for that line?
“Hey, we are here for your father” i say while snapping my fingers to get his attention.
“Oh, I didn’t see you there.” He says and i role my eyes.

“Am sure you didn’t. Your eyes were busy ogling Sarah” i say and he just laughs.
“Look, just get your father. I ain’t got time” i continue.
“What are you guys doing here. You both came to beat me up again?” i hear the cop Sarah hit last night say. I turn to him to see he has a bandage around his head. Overdramatic much?

“Look, lets not waste time, just name your price so we can bury this case” i say “Jake!” Sarah yell at me and i just shrug.

“Am sorry sir. I think he is still drunk. We came to beg you to drop the case. Its all a misunderstanding.” Sarah says
“see, i wanted to let the both of you off but after this attitude, i think this guy needs to learn a lesson. The only way, i would let this case drop is if the both of you do some community service in this city for a month. My son is the director of an orphanage that needs help so if you want the case dropped. You both will report for work at the
orphanage tomorrow by 7. Good day” the old geezer says and walk back inside.


Stay tuned for More Episodes: Enjoy!!!


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