[Story] Falling For Innocence – Episode 3

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One year later

“Sarah, i love you but am going to strangle you if you don’t turn your alarm off. I cant sleep!” oge my bestie, roommate and co-worker growl
at me. I feel around for the alarm and knock it off the window where it was. It smashes against the floor and i groan satisfactorily . I don’t have any classes so i can sleep the day away.

“Sarah. Aren’t you forgetting something? Concerning your father?” i hear oge ask and i jerk out of bed. Oh no!. Am going to be late for my
flight. Dad is going to flip out if i don’t make it to his engagement party. I should have taken an off yesterday night from my bartending part time job but i need the money for this trip. I don’t want to
tamper with my savings and asking dad for help is a big no no since he already sent money for my flight which i used to buy a new camera. He
wouldn’t be so pleased about this.

I quickly get off the bed and rush to my wardrobe. I throw a t-shirt on and pull on a jeans skirt. This should do. No time for a bath. I hope i don’t stink too much. I sniff my body and scrunch my nose

This won’t do. I apply excess perfume and smile at the outcome. Good as new. Thankfully, my luggage is at the airport. I start heading out
when oge calls my name. I turn back to see her smiling.

“what are you smiling about?” I ask.
“atleast brush your teeth Sarah. I know you hate guys but please don’t kill them with your morning breathe” she say and burst out laughing.
“i don’t hate guys”
“yea. Then please tell me this. Why haven’t you been kissed even once in your life?” She ask seriously and i stick my tongue out to her.

“so childish. You are 23 for goodness sake” she continue but i just ignore her and get on with brushing my teeth. I finish in records time
then go over to oge’s bed and hug her.

“i will miss you.”i whisper and she laughs.
“i am beginning to suspect that you like girls. What a waste. Considering your pretty face and awesome rack” she says. i release her and appraise her with a confuse expression on my face.

“rack?” I ask
“i mean your awesome boobs. How old are you again?”she asks and i sigh.
“goodbye Sarah. Send me pictures of the party and your future step brother if he is hot” she say and push me off her bed after i pick my small carry on luggage.

“he might just be a kid!” I yell back to her as i put on my loafers quickly and walk out.


“madam my money?!” the taxi driver yell at me as i hop out without paying.
“am sorry. Here” I say and hand him his money.
Before i say thank you to him, he is already off. Life in lagos is so fast paced. I quickly grab my small bag and roll it towards the entrance of the airport. My phone start buzzing in my purse. I drop my suitcase to retrieve my phone when i hear someone shouting. I turn to see a red car speeding towards me. I am rooted to the spot and i scream my head off in fear. The car halts just a meter to where i am rooted and i watch as a boy rush out. He looks younger than me with a
ridiculous hairstyle. He looks angry though.

“what the heck is your problem?! Can’t you get off my way. If you want to get yourself killed just go jump off a bridge or something. I don’t want blood on my car” the man rants
“a-m so-r-ry”i stutter.
“f**k you!. Don’t you-” his rant is cut short when someone behind me speaks.
“apologise to the lady” a deep voice rumble behind me. I turn my head to see a guy with obviously expensive clothes glaring holes into Mr verbal attacker. He is wearing huge dark glasses that sit on his beautifully sculptured cheekbones and cover most of his face. He exudes self confidence and power. My throat dry up just by looking at
him. He must notice my stare because he turns to me as he takes his glasses off and i gasp as the air goes out of my lungs. He is breathtaking. He has a face i would beg to paint. Mr verbal attacker
must recognise him because he starts mumbling.
“j-ake?. Am your biggest fan. I- can i get your autograph?”

“fan? What you are is a coward that gets off humiliating a woman. Get out of my face” Mr breathtaking or Jake as i now know him as says
without taking his eyes off me. Please look away so i can breath.
“don’t!”Jake growl at him.
“whatever!” the guy spit out before getting into his car and driving off.
“am sorry lady. Are you okay?” He asks but i cant find my voice. I just stare at him, trying to memorize all the angles of his face so i can
paint him from memory when i get home.

“hey.” he says snapping his fingers in my face. I still don’t move. So embarrassing.
“Are you okay?” He asks as his hands touch my chin lightly. That simple touch electrify me and i find my tongue instantly.

“yes. Am fine. Thanks. Um i got to go” i say as i grab my bag and race off. He starts following me but the crowd must recognise him too because soon, a crowd is around him and i sneak away.
Who the heck is this Jake?


I search my bag for my pencils and my drawing book. I am currently waiting for my flight which has been delayed an hour because of the
foggy atmosphere or whatever. I place my drawing book on my lap as i put on paper that magnificent face. I start from the eyes as i get lost in my sketch. Its just a rough sketch but the final product looks so much like him but it doesn’t compare to the real him. The announcement on the intercom reminds me of my flight which will start boarding in few minutes. I look down at my drawing and i chastise myself. What am i doing, drawing a guy who i just met?. I tear out the
page with the drawing and i squeeze it in my palm. I better go relieve myself in the restroom before my flight.

After relieving myself, i am about to leave the cubicle when i hear a familiar male voice. Hmm, isn’t this the female restroom?. I strain my
ears to listen and that’s when i hear a woman giggling while the man tells her to be quiet. I hear kissing noise and i groan. This is so embarrassing. How am i going to leave this place Without them noticing me and thinking am a pervert. I cant remain here all day. Am going to miss my flight. Arggh. Cant they just have some decency and enter any of the toilets?. I tap my foot impatiently. My phone rats me out as it starts ringing. I fumble to get it off quickly but not quick enough as
the door flies open and i come face to face with no other person but Jake. I almost fall on my ass in shock. I cant believe the guy i am obsessing about doesn’t even have the decency to kiss his girlfriend somewhere private. His girlfriend.

Ofcourse, he has a girlfriend. He is too hot not to. There is lipstick on his lips and i cant help but
giggle at how ridiculous he looks.
“something funny?” his girlfriend ask and i shake my head still giggling uncontrollably. The girlfriend looks rumpled with her short skirt around her waist.

“i am going to claw those big eyes off” she spit out and charge towards me but Jake hold her back. She finally give up fighting him then start
arranging her clothes.
“let’s go, love” she say to Jake who just keep appraising me after she is done.

I see him stiffen at that word.
“am not your love.”he grind out. The pretty girl’s face fall.
“i am done with you, now leave”he says. Gosh what a jerk. The woman doesn’t argue though, she just storm off.
“that was rude” I squeak out after an uncomfortable silence.
“why do you keep following me” he ask
“what? This is the ladies room incase you cant read a-hole” i say.

wow, who is talking through me?. I see his eyes flare and he grab my wrist hard. I try to break free and i lose my balance when he lets go suddenly. I almost plant my ass on the toilet floor but he’s fast and he grabs my waist to steady me and pulls me to him tight. Our face is so close and my eyes bulge as his head moves closer. He’s going to
kiss me!. No! No! Resist! He’s an a-hole. He cant have my first kiss!

No! My stupid eyes flutter close and i feel warm lips on mine. The door burst open suddenly and different camera flashes blind me.

Stay tuned for More Episodes: Enjoy!!!

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