[Story] Falling For Innocence – Episode 2

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“Who the heck is this!” the lone masked man scream at me while pointing his gun at peter. Its been two hours and i am here with the stupid
money. I just want Hannah to be safe. I would have come alone but peter, my brother who is also a police detective wanted to come along to protect me. I wasn’t able to persuade him otherwise so here we are.

Thankfully, he agreed to wear his civilian clothes.
“i am his driver . He doesn’t know a lot of places so i had to drive him here” peter answers for me. I look at the masked criminal and have the urge to plumel his face but i restrain myself.

“where is she?” i ask
“where is my money?” i throw the bag containing the money on the floor and he walks to it.
“its so obvious that he is a novice.” peter whisper to me.
“stay behind me. As soon as Sophia gets to us, I’ll handle this little miscreant” he continues
“Hannah” i whisper
“her name is Hannah. Why don’t you like her?” i cant help but ask. The both of them never did get along.
“now is not a time to argue about your little girlfriend

Just do as I’ve said”
“but how will you capture him?”
“just stay behind me” he says and i reluctantly move behind him. I can’t believe my younger brother is now giving me orders.
“what are guys whispering about?” the masked idiot ask.
“where is the girl?” Peter ask while blatantly ignoring his question.
The masked man opens a small door by our left and Hannah runs out. She looks fine.
“baby!” she runs into my arms and i hug her so tight.
“AM so sorry love. You must have been so scared.

Please tell me you are-” a gunshot sound stops me short. I turn to see the masked man
groaning while holding his bloody hand. Peter must have shot the gun out of his hand because his gun is nowhere to be seen. Peter is still
pointing his gun at him.

“no!” Hannah scream and she starts running toward the masked man.
“babe, calm down. What are you doing?” i run after her to try to grab her as i see the masked man retrieve a small gun from his pocket. What
happens next will change me forever. The masked man fire a shot and i cover Hannah with my body and close my eyes ready for the pain but i
don’t feel the impact of the bullet. I feel warm blood on me but no pain. I open my eyes slowly and watch my brother hit the floor but not
before he fires two shots into the chest of the masked man.

“no!” i hear Hannah scream but am too numb to even utter a word. Hannah runs from behind me and i watch as she runs to the masked man’s side.

“Justin! Open your eyes Justin!.” she sobs while shaking the limp man.
She frantically take the mask off his face and i gasp when i see who is beneath the mask. Hannah’s brother. I cant process this right now.
What the f**k is going on.

“j–ake”my brother sputter beside me and i snap out of my daze. I drag my shocked body to his side and grab his hand.

“shh. Save your strength. I’ll call an ambulance.”i say as i bring my phone out and dial.
“y-our gir-lfri–end is aaa bit-ch” he sputter again and he goes limp in my arm. I look from my limp brother to my fiance who is mourning the death of my brother’s murderer.

“you did this!”i yell and lunge for her.
“am sorry. Am sorry. Am sorry” she keep repeating like a lunatic. I grab her hair and drag her to my brother’s body.
“look at what you did. I love you. Hell i love you more than my life and this is what i get? I thought you were different but it turns out,
you are worse than the rest” I scream in her face. She just sit on the fall and cry. I feel no sympathy for her. Infact i feel nothing. The ambulance comes and the two bodies are taken away. I don’t follow my brother’s body. No, i ignore the police who wants to question me and drive straight to the nearest bar. I am sitting here alone, drinking
away my sorrow when a slim no scratch that. A emaciated looking girl walks up to me.

“you are Jake right?” She asks. Another fan who wants something from me. I just look at her or try to look at one of her because i am seeing about six of her in the state i am now.

“i can see you need company. Come on, i can help you” she says and caress my arm with her clawlike fake nails. Disgusting.

“don’t you dare touch me again. You want to help me? Then come on” I say and drag her harshly to the dirty bar’s toilet. She keeps giggling thereby making my headache worse but i tune her voice out. I crush her lips in a bruising kiss and i taste blood which brings me back to that room, With my brother’s blood on me while i save a woman.

The woman continue kissing me and i push her off me. “my brother needs me” I whisper and run off. I need to get to the hospital ASAP.


Peter didn’t come out of the operating room
alive. The doctor said the bullet was too close to his heart. As for Hannah, i haven’t seen her since the incident. Her brother died and i saw that as enough punishment for her pretending her kidnap.

The police couldn’t arrest her because according to them, she didn’t commit any crime and there was no proof that she plotted all this with her brother. Well i don’t care. All i know is i killed my brother because of love. Hahahaha. What is love? An illusion stupid people create to do stupid things. Love isn’t real and i had to send my
younger brother to his grave to know this.


Stay tuned for More Episodes: Enjoy!!!

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