[Story] Falling For Innocence – Episode 1

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Jake: It is a lovely evening. The sky is clear and the stars are shining so brightly. This must be a good luck sign and i really need that tonight
because i am going to pop the big question. I am going to ask my girlfriend of two years to marry me. I am so excited. Hannah and i have been dating ever since we met at one of my concerts in warri. At first, i had thought she was one of the loose girls who throw themselves at me just because i am famous but it turn out she didn’t
even know who i was . Her friend had dragged her to the concert that day and she was going to sneak out when she lost her way and landed in
my dressing room. It was a breathe of fresh air to talk to a beautiful girl without her looking at me like i was a mini god just because i was famous.

We talked for a while that night and i was able to cajole her number from her. One of the stage crew had come to inform me to be ready in five minutes and that was how she clued into the fact that i am the star she came to watch. Thankfully, she just laughed at the fact that i fooled her and left after promising to meet me after the
concert. I was so excited through out that concert and i sang my heart out for an hour

I could tell that my fans loved my performance that night by their excited screams and frenzied dancing. A teenage girl even fainted when i touched her cheek while singing. Lol. That always
seem to surprise me even though it wasn’t the first time it had happened. The excitement of that concert had died down when i didn’t see her after the concert ended and i went back to my dressing room.

She never came back that night and for months, i thought about her as the mystery girl who stole my heart. I wasn’t able to look for her as my busy schedule didn’t allow me to prolong my stay in warri and it turned out she gave me a wrong number. About three months after that, fate brought her to me. She was at my record company looking for a job. I took this opportunity and made her my manager. I courted her for months before she agreed and we have been dating for almost two years now. If this isn’t destiny, i don’t know what is. So with finger crossed, i go in and wait for her in our dining room which i decorated for the occasion. It really is beautiful, just like my Hannah. I hear the door click open and i quickly get on one knee with my guitar slung across my chest ready to start playing as soon as she comes into the dining.

“baby, where are you?. Why is the light off?. Ar-“she stop abruptly as her eyes fall on me. I notice a weird expression cross her face and i
chuck it up to surprise.

“baby-“she gasp and i sigh at her how beautiful she looks in her green jumpsuit. Oh am supposed to be singing. I shake my head at my awestruck behaviour and strum the strings of my guitar in prelude to my latest single ‘mystery girl’. Its a personal favourite of mine as it tells our love story. I close my eyes and let the music take me as i play. As i get to the end of the song, i stand and walk over to Where she is standing and dance around her. I wink at her and she blushes.

The song comes to an end and i drop my guitar on the counter beside us then go on my knee again and nervously bring the diamond
ring out of its box.

“You were my mystery girl and now you have eradicated my misery.” cheesy right? I know but she loves it when i make stupid rhymes. I
smile at her and continue
“I love you so much baby. From the earth to the moon. Will you marry me?” i ask. She looks down at me and nod frantically.

“Yes baby. Yes!” she scream. I slip the ring on her middle finger and stand up to engulf her in a tight hug. I cover her face with kisses before i reach her lips and kiss her deeply. Her hands go around my
neck and i move my hands to her hot ass and wrap her long legs around me as i walk her to our bedroom.


The sun coming through the window blinds me momentarily before i rub my sleepy eyes. I turn to the bedside clock to see its 9:00am. Hannah
is still beside me sleeping and i kiss her neck to wake her up. She blink her eyes open and kiss my lips.

“hmmm. Someone woke up happy” i say as soon as she breaks the kiss.
“Ofcourse am so happy. I cant believe we are getting married. Its gonna be the talk of the town. Hell, the country even!. How many carats is this diamond? When are we telling the press?” she ramble excitedly.

“Oh babe. There’s something else i have to tell you. I want to end mymusic career. I want our children to live freely without the press following them around” i tell her and i watch her face fall.
“What? Are you out of your senses?!” she yells at me and i look at her stun. Hannah has never raised her voice at me.

“Am sorry babe. Its just so sudden. I just don’t know how to react to this” she says
“i have been planning this for a while. I can work behind the scene as a song writer and composer. That way the money would still come in” i
“but what about the fame?” she asks
“don’t tell me you want to marry me for the fame” i say half kidding
“ofcourse not!. You can do whatever you like. I am already late for a meeting with that annoying reporter who is out to get you.” she says and get off the bed. She doesn’t even look at me as she enters the bathroom leaving me stun. I thought she was going to love the news.

Atleast quitting would mean more time for her and our future kids and she won’t have to watch as other women ogle me during concerts and the
rest. Well, we can straighten everything out when i get back from the photo shoot i have scheduled this morning.

I quickly go downstairs to one of the bathrooms and take my bath. When am done, Hannah is nowhere to be found. I quickly throw on a pair of ripped jeans and a gucci shirt. I’ll get dressed at the studio so no need to get overdressed.


The day is uneventful as i just go through the routine of the shoot until my phone rings and my assistant brings it to me.
“five minute break, people!” the photographer yells as i go to the corner to the corner to answer the call. Its from Hannah.

“i knew you couldn’t stay mad at me for long” i say as soon as i answer but the line is silent.
“hello, babe?”
“we have her so listen carefully. You are going to bring 10million naira to the address i will send in two hours or I’ll will send you different parts of her body for every hour after that.” a voice says
from the other end of the phone. Oh my God. Is this a prank?. I check the number to see its Hannah’s.

“is this a prank? Why do you have her phone?” i yell down the line but when i hear Hannah screaming through the line, i lose it.
“Shit. Don’t f**cking hurt her or I’ll snap your neck when i find you.
You bastard! You are going to pay!” the voice on the other end laughs and i its sound so familiar.
“you have two hours, friend” he says before the line goes dead. Oh no!

Stay tuned for More Episodes: Enjoy!!!

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