[Story] Falling For Innocence – Episode 9

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“Sarah are you not done? Its almost time. Come downstairs so we can leave” jake’s mom yell from downstairs. I look at my reflection on the mirror one last time just to waste time. My nerves are shot . I don’t even know why am nervous. Maybe because am worried that dad would be angry about my getting drunk and arrested last night. Or maybe because i know i have to apologize to Jake tonight and i don’t know how he will take it. He hasn’t been home since he left me standing in front of his room hours ago. He didn’t even come home for lunch and now i feel bad for saying those words to him. I hope to talk to him during the party. Surely, he wouldn’t miss his mother’s party.

The mini flared gown jake’s mother got for me is really pretty. I wonder how she got the size right. Speaking of jake’s mom, she is probably waiting for me and i don’t want her to be late on her
engagement party so i quickly slip on my black loafers and pick up my bag.

“Am glad i got the size right” jake’s mom says when she see me come down the stairs.
“Its beautiful” i say and smile.
“You are beautiful. Oh my God i finally have a daughter

Now, i have to fend off guys” she say as she hand me a glass of orange juice. I just laugh and gulp the juice down. This is a topic i don’t want to
talk about especially with her.

“Sarah, you are blushing. Is he goodlooking? Am sure he is not as handsome as my Jake though” she say and the juice am drinking go down
the wrong pipe. I start coughing violently and she pat my back.

“Am so sorry. Are you okay?” she ask and i nod.
“Am alright, lets go. We are already late.” I tell her
“if you say so. Now, go and finish getting ready” she says “am already ready”
“but where are your shoes. Sweetheart don’t tell me you want to wear that?” She say while shaking her head.

“I don’t own heels. They don’t like me.”
“Every woman can make heels love them. You just have to find that inner model in you. Okay. Come on, i think we are the same size” she
says as she drag me to her room.


“Come on hon, lets dance” one of the ladies beside me whisper in my ears as she hand me a drink.
“We will. I just have to congratulate my mother.” i say and peck her lip.

“be good, Michelle” I say as i pat her friend’s hand which has been on my thigh for some time now. She giggle and wink at me. I pull myself up from my chair and walk over to where my mom is standing with Sarah and her father.

“Congratulations mom” I say and kiss her cheek. She’s so close to Sarah and the scent of that damn lotion hit me.
“Jake. Where have you been? I have been worried sick. Even Sarah was just asking after you” she says and my eyes move to Sarah who is
drinking a glass of what looks like juice while trying to avoid my eyes.

“Well tell her that she doesn’t have a right to worry about me” I say “Sarah he said you don’t have a ri-” she goes to repeat after me but stops.
“Wait, are you guys quarrelling? Jake? Sarah?” she look at Both of us but i just glare at Sarah while she look at something else.
“Margaret leave them alone. They are not kids anymore.” Sarah’s father speak for the first time since this discussion.

“I just don’t want them to fight with each other. They are going to be living together for a month so they should get along”
“is this about the police incidence?”Sarah’s father ask and i notice sarah’s face fall.

“Yes sir. But its already under control” I tell him
“i cant believe just a few hours of being here and you are already disgracing me” I hear him whisper to Sarah who looks close to tears.

Her head is bowed and her shoulders are slumped in disgrace. How can a father be this way? He is supposed to worried about how she was yesterday but instead he is scolding her.

“Sarah didn’t do anything wrong sir. I was at fault and she got involved.” I say in her defense.
“You don’t have to cover for her. I’ve always knew this is what she will become. A violent drunk!.” He says. I hear Sarah gasp before she run out. The man doesn’t even feel apologetic.

“With all due respect sir, but you have to take that back” I grind out as my hand form fist beside me. If he doesn’t take it back i am going to punch his face in.

“What business is it of yours? She is my daughter”
“Your daughter? Is that how to treat your own child? That was-” I go to say but my mom cut me off.

“Jake, go after Sarah. I’ll take care of this” she say. I glare at sarah’s father before i relent and go towards the direction i saw Sarah run to.
“Sarah? Sarah.” i don’t see Sarah and i walk outside to the corridor of the hall where the party is going on. Its dark out but i notice

Sarah in a corner hunched over. She’s shaking. I rush to her.
“Sarah!” I yell and she turn to me with tears in her eyes.
“Please don’t cry” I say and wipe her tears but she bat my hands off.
“am not crying. This kid is just hilarious.” She says pointing down and burst into laughter. I look down to see a little kid probably not more than one year of age standing beside Sarah.

“where is its mother?” i ask as i bend down to be at the same level with the kid.
“She is not an it. Isn’t she cute?” Sarah ask as she squat beside me.

I smile at the kid and she grab my earrings and pull on it forcefully.
“ow!” I scream and Sarah burst into laughter.
“Am glad you find my pain funny” I say after i finally pry the kid’s hand off my ear.
“Am sorry Jake. About what i said earlier this morning. It wasn’t my place to say that. And you are right, i don’t know you. You defended
me in front of my dad. I never would have imagined that.” she say and smile.

“So friends?” she ask then stretch her hand for a handshake.
“Okay, friends” I say then shake her hand.
“Thanks” she says
“Ok, now lets get this kid back to his parents. Wait a minute, where is she?” i look around but i don’t find her.

“Oh my God, what if she walked out the gate?” Sarah exclaim and the both of us rush to the gate. We see the little girl walking out the gate.

“Stop!” I yell and the baby turn back.
“Come here right now!” I yell and the baby burst into tears.
“Don’t shout at the child.” Sarah hit the back of my head before she walks to grab the child. The child’s wail get unbearable loud as Sarah carry her up.

“Don’t cry baby” Sarah tries to cajole her to no avail.
“My God, stop crying!” I yell and Sarah hit me again. This makes the baby smile. Sarah hit me again and the baby burst into giggles.

“She likes you” Sarah says and I roll my eyes.
“She likes my pain” I say.
“Hey, give me my grand daughter” someone yell from behind us and i turn to see a woman stagger toward us.

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