[Story] Falling For Innocence – Episode 8

“That man cannot be serious! One month? I can’t even remain here a week.” I vent out after we leave. Sarah doesn’t seem to mind this arrangement . I watched her as she diligently gave that a-hat her number and took his.

“Stop complaining Jake.” she says.
“I should stop complaining? You know what, I know you love this arrangement. So that you can bask in that annoying man’s flattering”
“have some dignity Sarah. Are you that deprived of love and attention for you to give a stranger your number?” I ask angrily
“are you trying to say am a s-t? You are the reason why i have to stay in this place for a month. If you had kept your big ego in check,
we would have been free and i would be able to leave this place where i feel unwanted.”

“Yea, right” I scoff in disbelief.
“ever since you encountered that girlfriend or ex of yours, I have been pondering what she did to put that hurt I saw in your eyes but right now, am sure you deserved it!” she yell in my face and turn to enter the house but I grab her arm.

“You are sure i deserved it? I deserve to watch my innocent brother die because of me?” I ask and she gasp in shock.
“Don’t talk like you know me okay? Because you don’t know a f-king thing.”I grind out and let go of her hand before I storm into the house.


Now I feel bad, My anger just got the better of me. I sigh and follow him inside the house.
“Oh Sarah. How did it go? Were you able to settle it amicably” Jake’s mother ask as soon as I enter.
“It didn’t go so well ma’am. Apparently, we now have a job at the orphanage for a month.” I say absently as i watch Jake storm upstairs without looking back. I sigh warily.

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“Am sure its gonna be alright. One month would be over before you know it.” she says and squeeze my hand reassuringly.
“Thank you ma”
“don’t call me ma. That feels so distant. You can call me mom if you want to. Your father told me you never knew your mother so i want to be your substitute mother” she say and smile. How did such a kind woman give birth to Jake?

“Okay, mom” I say and an unfamiliar emotion envelop me. Mom.
“Wow. We are going to be best friends. I have always wanted a daughter. Having two sons was so boring. We will talk about everything and go shopping for girl things together. Oh its gonna be fun. Too bad, we only have two days since am leaving with your dad to portharcourt”

“wait. What?” I yell
“Yea. I asked to get transferred so i can be close to your father”
“but- who will live with me and Jake?”
“Am sure you guys can take care of yourselves.” she say “you guys are going to be siblings and I trust that you won’t do anything stupid.” she continue


“I know but Jake doesn’t even like me. We may end up killing each other” I argue but she just laugh.
“Jake is a good person. He just hides behind a bad boy facade. This would give you guys time to bond and get to know each other. Besides, its just for a month. You guys will be fine.”she says and squeeze my hand again.

“Wow, your palm is so soft. Do you use hand lotion?” she ask.
“hmm. What body lotion do you use?” she asks while feeling my palm.
“sweet pea lotion” i say and it finally hit me. Sweet pea. That was what Jake called me. Hmm someone has been sniffing me. Lol. How did he
“that’s what i used before. Jake loved the fragrance. He used to always sniff me when he was a kid. Don’t tell him this but I caught him applying it on his body one day. Those good old days” she says and sigh.

“You should go upstairs and rest. You must be tired. I’ll wake you up when its time for the party. I already dropped your dress in your room.”she continued.
“Okay ma-” I say and she raise her brow
“okay mom” I correct myself and she nod.
I drag my tired body up the stairs with a big smile. Jake loves my lotion. I am going to bathe in that thing. Lol. As i pass jake’s door,
I hesitate on whether i should go in and apologize.

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Am still in a dilemma when the door flies open thereby startling me. I quickly act
casual and start whistling while walking away to my room.
“spying on me now? I deserve that too?” he ask but I don’t answer because am too busy ogling him. He must have taken a shower because he
smells awesome. I need to find out the kind of perfume he uses. He’s dressed to the nines. Where is he going?
“hey, can you stop ogling me for a sec and tell me what you are doing in front of my room?” he ask and i blush. Caught in the act. I force my
eyes away from his great body and look up at his face. That is when i notice the stud earring he is wearing. I wonder if he has any other piercing? How could someone so bad for me be so good looking?

“um. I was just passing by. Where are you going?” I ask “none of your business.” He says and walk away leaving me feeling bereft.

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