[Story] Falling For Innocence – Episode 11

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Breakfast was amusing. The tension between us was so palpable, it could be cut with a knife. And it ended with Sarah having the upper hand. The little witch just started what she can’t finish. Well, let the games begin.

“Thanks for the meal mom. Sarah, come on . We are going to be late.” I say after polishing the eggs on my plate. Sarah starts shaking her head but my mom stop her.

“Go with him Sarah. You don’t know the way to the orphanage. I’ll feel better if he takes you there” she say and sarah’s face fall.

“but um i am still eating.” Sarah says
“then I’ll wait for you. Its just one slice of bread remaining. I can wait that long” I say and grin mischievously.

“What are you up to?” she whisper to me and i just shrug. you shouldnt have stepped on my giuseppe zanotti sneakers Sarah. How much did it
take to get this from Paris? A hundred thousand? I don’t really remember but Sarah is going to pay. Hehehehe
“okay your are done. Lets go” i say then drag her up from her chair toward the door.
“Have fun guys” my mom yell after us and i laugh.
“Here put this on.” i hand Sarah an helmet and she reluctantly put it on.
“You don’t have to be scared Sarah. I don’t want my mother to think we are not getting along well that’s why i offered to give you a ride” I say
“you sure?”

. Now get on” I straddle the bike then wait for Sarah to make up her mind. She finally get on and i zoom off. She squeal in fright then hold on to my waist for dear life. I check my watch to see that its
about twenty minutes to seven. The orphanage is just ten minutes away but i plan to make Sarah late by dropping her off where she wouldn’t
get a taxi easily and going without her. I move towards the outskirts of town before the bike suddenly stops.

“Jake? What’s wrong?” Sarah ask from behind me.
“i don’t know. Get down let me check for the problem” Sarah obeys and let go of me before she gets down from the bike. I get off then
inspect the bike like i know something about repairing it.

“Do you know anything about repairing this, Jake?” Sarah ask. I shoot her an annoyed look and she keeps quiet. After looking at the bike
without having a clue what to do next, i give up. Sarah is currently making a call.
“Who are you talking to?” i ask but she raise her hands up to shut me up. The nerve.
“Okay thanks Andrew. We will be waiting for you here. Yes, close to a telecommunication mast or something. Thank you” she says then end the

“You called Andrew?”.
“Yea, i didn’t want to worry your mom so he was my only option.”
“We don’t need him. I’ll get us out of here. Come on. I know the way” I grab her hand and pull her toward the direction i think will take us to the main town so we can find a taxi.

“If we leave here, Andrew won’t be able to find us.” Sarah protest but i just ignore her.
After walking for close to ten minutes we see the mast Sarah was referring to and i beam with pride.
“We are almost in town. I told you i will get us back safely.”
“What about your bike?”Sarah ask out of the blue as we walk and i just shrug. We walk for another ten minutes and we see the mast again.

“hey, Jake. I think we walked in a circle. We have been here before”
“no. That’s another mast” i argue
“are you sure?” Sarah ask and i nod.
“We are almost there. Move faster” i complain
“your legs are longer. Stop dragging me.” Sarah shoots back and i let go of her hand.
“I’m tired Jake. I will just wait by this mast for Andrew. Continue on your adventure alone. This place is bushy and i don’t know what could
be crawling around here.” Sarah say then squat on the floor.

“fine! Wait for your precious Andrew. Am leaving without you!”
“thank you” she says and start making another call. Probably to that Andrew. I storm off in anger towards the bush. How could she not trust
me but she trust that guy who wants in her pant. Stupid Sarah. Their first letters are even the same. How fitting. I direct my anger to the
bush and i start kicking and stepping on plants.

My shoes are ruined but i don’t care. I hear the bush rustling behind me and i freeze.
Could it be Sarah or a wild hungry animal? I don’t wait to find out though. I run with the speed of light to where i left Sarah. Sarah is still on the floor and she doesn’t notice my presence. I clear my throat noisily to alert her and she turn to me.

“lost your way again?” she ask
“What? No! I just felt it isn’t right to leave a girl alone in the middle of nowhere. I was already leaving you but the gentle man in me wouldn’t let me. You don’t have to feel too touched” I say and Sarah shake her head at me.
“So, i have goodnews and badnews. Which do you want first?” she ask
“i need goodnews right now.” i say
“okay. Andrew is on his way” she says cheerily
“i already knew that. What’s the badnews?” i ask testily
“he wasn’t in town when i called him so he might take a few hours.”
“We can’t stay here for a few hours. Its about to rain. Look at the sky”
“Well, you should have thought of that before you stranded us here.” She shoot at me.
“I am going to call my mom” I say and bring my phone out. Its dead.

“We should just wait for Andrew. My phone’s battery is dead.”
“Give me her number let me call her” Sarah suggest
“I don’t know it off heart”
“You don’t know your mom’s number off heart? How old are you?” Sarah ask and i stick my tongue out at her. By God she is already rubbing
off on me.
“Real mature Jake” Sarah says and i grin
“why don’t you call your father?” i ask after awhile.
“He probably won’t come. Lets just wait for Andrew.”
“okay. What do we do while we wait?” i ask
“dunno. What do you have in mind?”
“Lets play truth or truth. We ask anything we want to know about the other person” I suggest and she nod.
“And if we can’t answer?”
“That person gets a snap on the wrist with these rubber bands” i say then slip the rubber bands on both our wrist. We ask each other simple
questions for a while before i decide to step it up.
“So, do you have a boyfriend? If no, why? If yes, why did you let me kiss you in the airport restroom?” I ask

“That’s more than One question.” she protest.
“you have to answer or else” I say
“Okay. I have never been in a relationship and the reason is because i am looking for true love.” She says and i look at her dubiously.
“That’s so corny” I say laughing really hard.
“Wait, if you haven’t been in a relationship, was that your first kiss?” I ask just to tease her and when she doesn’t answer, i confirm
that it was.

“Wow. Sarah, how old are you?” I can’t stop laughing.
“That’s enough of your questions. My turn. How was that lady we met at that eatery involved in your brother’s death?” she ask and the smile
dies on my face. I stretch my hand to her for her to snap my wrist with the rubber band because no way am i answering that.

“No comment. So just snap me” I say. I thought she would pardon me but instead, she drag the rubber band and release it on my wrist.
“ouch!” I scream
“Am sorry. Did it hurt? Sorry sorry sorry” she chants then start blowing on my wrist. It wasn’t that bad but i revel in her guilt.
“blow on this place too.” I say pointing at another spot on my wrist.

Sarah drags the rubber band instead and snap me again.
“You little witch!” I below and she stand up to get away from me. I grab her waist and raise her up.

She kick my shin and i release her.
She takes the opportunity to run. I go after her and the rain start falling suddenly. I don’t stop pursuing her though. We run in the rain
like children while sarah’s melodic laughter is carried by the wind.

Its nothing short of magical.
“Okay, i give up.” Sarah says then stop.
“I am going to snap you silly” I threaten but as i get to her, all i can see is her pretty face as water droplets drip from her face. I follow the path of one of the droplets as it falls to her shirt. I
notice her clothes has become transparent and i swallow my next words.

Sarah notice my eyes and she cross her hands across her chest. I raise
my eyes back to hers and our eyes lock. Am spell bound. How can someone be this beautiful even while dripping wet? A raindrop fall on
her face and I catch it with my thumb. I feel Sarah shiver beneath my touch and my heart skip more than one beat
“Sarah! There you are. My God, You are soaking wet.” Andrew says behind us and the moment is broken.

Stay tuned for More Episodes: Enjoy!!!

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