[Story] Falling For Innocence – Episode 10

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“Hey, give me my grand daughter” someone yell from behind us and i turn to see a woman stagger towards us.

“give her to me!” she yell then retrieve the baby from Sarah.
“i’m sorry ma’am. We were about to look for her parents” i say
“yea, whatever . Think i don’t know how you rich people behave? You want to kidnap this small child for rituals” she exclaim
“no ma’am we were-” Sarah goes to say but the deranged woman nearly attack her before i move in front of Sarah to block it.
“Don’t you dare lay your hands on her. Why did you leave this little girl to wander off on her own by this time in this strange place?” I grind out.

“Are you trying to tell me how to take care of my grandchild?” She ask while fuming.
“Mrs Benson!” someone yell and i turn to see the police man’s son who was ogling Sarah just this morning.
“Am sorry guys, is she bothering you?” He ask as he gets to where we are.
“do you know this woman?” I ask and he nods
“I actually invited her. I knew they will be enough food here today since rich people like throwing money for ridiculous reasons so i invited her so that this little girl would have something to eat
tonight” he replies

I ignore the fact that he just kindof insult my
mom and move on.
“Wow, that’s so nice of you” Sarah says and i roll my eyes.
“Who invited you anyways?” I ask him
“My dad was invited so i came in his stead.” He says then turn to Sarah.
“And i must say, you look breathtakingly gorgeous cupcake” he tells her and the naive girl blush.
“Enough with the compliments. Take your cheap suit and your guests out of my party immediately.” I say and he just laughs.

“I’m Andrew by the way” he says and stretch his hand for Sarah. I take the hand instead and shake it.
“Am Jake. Sarah’s sister” i grind out.
“Alright. So I’ll see you at work tomorrow?” He asks Sarah and she nod.
“Ok good. Mrs Benson, lets go. I can’t believe you are drunk” Andrew says and he walk the woman and the baby out. The baby wave at me and i
can’t help but smile and wave back.

“Why are you so rude?” Sarah ask as soon as they are out of sight.
“I was just trying to protect your naive heart. You were already swooning because of his compliments”
“Don’t i have a right to swoon?” she ask
“Not for an a-hat like that.” I say
“Jake? Baby is that you?” A female voice ask and i see the girls i left inside walk towards us.
“We have been waiting for you inside. We were just about leaving. Do you want to come home with us again?” One of them ask. Sarah shake her
head then storm off.

“Am sorry ladies but i can’t. I don’t do repeats so goodbye”
“Jerk” one of them says while the other one grab my collar and kiss me voraciously before letting go
“your loss” she says then walk off.


The sound of my alarm wake me up by 5:30am but it still feels like i haven’t slept a wink. I had tossed and turned in bed with The event of
last night stuck in my head. I can’t believe i watched Jake get his face sucked by one of those girls last night. My eyesight has been corrupted. I shouldnt have looked back. I should have just walked away without a backward glance now i have that disturbing image in my head.

Gross. I still can’t believe while i was worried about him being angry with me yesterday, he was busy doing whatever with not one but two
girls. What a jerk!. Well, i can’t be late today so i better get out of bed. I drag my sleep deprived body off the bed and into the bathroom making sure to knock this time. When there is no answer, i slip into the bathroom and turn the shower on to wake me up.

I spend almost thirty minutes in the bathroom before i finally get out. Jake is standing in front of the door with a towel around his waist. I notice a tattoo across his left chest. It looks like roses
dripping blood. There are some inscriptions but they are not in English. Wow, what does it signify?

“Can you stop ogling me and get out of the way Sarah?”Jake ask with amusement in his voice and i blush.
“I wa-s was just looking at your tattoo. Its um nice. What does it mean?” I ask
“none of your business” he says and i notice something sad in his eyes which is gone in a second. He quickly enters the bathroom and slam the door.

“oh. I’m sorry for prying” i apologize to the door then move on to my room. Another thirty minutes and i am done preparing. Its already 6:12am
and if i don’t hurry, I’ll be late.

I hurry downstairs to find the whole family at the dining.
“You are finally down. Come, sit down Sarah. You have to eat before you leave” Margaret says and i reluctantly move to sit beside Jake. My dad is sitting opposite me but he doesn’t acknowledge me.

“So Sarah, we will be leaving tomorrow night and i want us to have a girl’s evening out today when you get back from work. We could go shopping then watch a movie.” Margaret says while buttering bread.

“Ok mom. I’ll love that.” I say and i hear Jake snot. I turn to him and he just grins.
“I’m sure she will love that mom. She obviously needs help shopping for clothes” he says and i grind my teeth to avoid exploding in front
of my dad. I just smile at his mother while i step on his feet under the table.

“Ouch!” He bellows and i smile sweetly at him.
“What is it brother?” i ask and he just shake his head. His mother look at us wearily while my dad just stuff his face with food. What a family!

Stay tuned for More Episodes: Enjoy!!!

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