“Eva stop please” i whispered to her. She smiled at me and dropped her pen on the floor. I then knew i was finished. This wasn’t her first time of doing something like that. She had done it once in my room when we were studying for our first semester exams.

She went under the desk, picked her pen and then grabbed my di*k which was still out of my trouser. I winced as she put it into her mouth and rubbed the tip with her tongue. Eva was giving me a headjob in a lecture hall. She sucked on it for over 30 seconds, i was enjoying myself though i was a little worried we might get caught. Under the desk, i held her hairs for her so they wouldn’t obstruct. I was switching my gaze between her and Mr paul and then i noticed something had changed in the class. Mr paul had stopped talking and his gaze was fixed directly at me, and then i CAME.

The devil I swear is an original enemy of man. I was having a hard time deciding who was punishing me between God and the devil. I just decided to put the blame on Eva. So mr Paul was staring at me like I was having a difficult time spelling my surname, meanwhile i could feel the hot liquid shooting out of my d*ik and Eva swallowing them oblivious of what was happening around her abi above her. The sensation was too much for me to bear, i just bit hard on my lips as i stared back at Mr Paul, trying hard to suppress a scream. I pulled Eva’s hair a little tighter and she bit hard on my di*k.. I jerked.
“Argh, sir, yes sir!” i eventually said craftily covering up my scream of pain and pleasure.

“Yes sir what, where is Evangeline? He asked and everyone turned to my direction. I was very sure i had been nabbed.

“Umm, i don’t…. ” i was stammering when Eva pocked up her head from under the desk

“Picking my pen sir” she said interrupting my stutter and raising her pen up.

“picking it up or digging it up” he asked her and everyone laughed.

“picking sir” she said and sat down

“For how many hours”.

“Sir it was far from where my hand could get to”

“Okay now, Chiboy, tell us what a PLU is? ” he said and faced me

” PLU sir?” i said asked scratching my head.

“Yes, a PLU and stand up when you answer my question”

I did Stand but not straight, i managed to hold my erection against the desk.

“I don’t really know sir” i said with my hands resting on the desk

“fool, Eva can you please help him” she stood up.

“A proprietary land unit marks out the the boundaries of a particular piece of a land and shows the rights an owner has over that given piece of land” She sang it out.

My jaw dropped open, i didn’t even know the full meaning of a PLU..

“And that was how Esau sold his birthright to Jacob” Mr Paul said and everybody laughed.

“Eva you can now take your PLU and leave my class, go elsewhere and finish your romance” he said regarding me as the PLU. Again everyone laughed.

We both got up. I managed to cover my open zip with my bag and we headed out. “Mr man, are you in your period” our lecturer shouted after me. I looked at my trouser and it was wet at the buttocks. Probably from cum. Everyone was staring at me and smiling.

“No sir, sometimes I do sweat from my… ”

” Okay, thanks for the information, you can now leave” he said cutting me short. The whole class burst into laughter as Eva clutched my hand and we both left. I thanked God mr Paul had nothing to do with our exam script or grading.

Before it all started,

Before i became who i am,

Before the girls,

Before the night outs,

Before the unlimited and unprotected sex,

I was just one cool headed innocent boy who lived a simple life hoping to find true love like the ones i see in movies and praying one of my crushes would look my way.

I can safely say i’m a cute guy, chocolate skinned and standing at 5’7″. I have always loved girls and they in turn had loved me back. At an early age of my life, i had always fantasized about meeting the perfect girl and Falling in love. My only barrier was being an introvert. No matter how many number of green lights a girl would give me, i simply could not get myself to open up and prophesy my love for her.

One of such girls was a light skinned dame back then in my jss 2, her name was Jennifer. The mention of her name alone sent shivers down my spine and when she smiled at me, her gap teeth, i always looked at them like they were the gate to paradise. Back then, everyone in my class knew she was my crush. You know this saying that when a girl loves a guy, only the girl knows but when a guy loves a girl, everyone knows except the girl.

We would smile at each other in the classroom, talk to each other about nothing in particular and most times when my liver was upped, i would hold her hands for sometime and let her know indirectly that i had feelings for her. I had always expected things to fall into place by itself and save me the cost of having to woo her and maybe embarrassing myself in the end.

So my friends decided they were tired of watching me trip for her silently and do nothing about it. One Thursday evening after school had closed. She stayed back because it was her turn to sweep the entire class alongside some other classmates. My friends decided it was time to let the cat out of the bag. After much coercion and persuasion, i decided to do it. My friends watched from a distance as I approached her from the back, my heart pounding in my mouth.

“Jennifer” i called with a shaky voice, she turned in my direction and smiled at me, i froze.

“Hey, neche, how are you? ”

“I’m fine” i said and started staring at her, i couldn’t even find the words to say, i fixed my gaze at her forehead as I squeezed the paper that was in my hand. After about 15 seconds of a staring match between us in which i could not even look her in the eye, she broke the ice.

“Are you not going home yet?” she asked me

“Ermm i’m about to” i said and decided to tell it to her anyway, she obviously was feeling me and wouldn’t want to embarrass me i thought.

“i just wanted to let you know that….. “i started and was hooked at” THAT”. She looked at me with this expression in her eyes that made me suppose she knew what i was about to say and so much wanted to hear it.

“Let me know what?” she said holding my hands and rubbing it.

“Erm, just want to let you know that i…. “i continued my stuttering.

“Chi talk to me” she said with a great deal of concern on her face and voice.

I calmed my nerves and decided to make my last attempt.

“i just wanted to ask if you needed help sweeping the class”

I didn’t even know when I said that. I shaa swept the whole class that day.