Story : Diary Of A Broke Playboy – Episode 5

Life for us the next few days was the best we ever had. At least we ate 2 healthy square meals at choice restaurants and drank ourselves to bed.

We decided to spend one more week at school before hitting home, our parents were starting to complain and my father, to my utter dismay was needing extra hands to help weed his farm.

Chinaza, my main chic had just rounded up her exams and was preparing to join her parents at home. She was studying economics in one of the states University and was in her 200 level. I pleaded with her to come and spend the remaining one week with me before we can both go home together. We lived in the same street and both our families were really close.

“See eh Sweetheart, I really think your love for me is fading” she said over the phone with a voice that gave me boners.

“How can you say something like that, eh my jollof rice”

“Yes naa, you expect me to come and join you in that your lodge with all the hunger surrounding you for one whole week, so that when i reach house, my people will be thinking you have given me HIV abi”

“So you are now saying i have HIV abi?”

“Noo, just that you are the first person my people will suspect in case.. ”

” Abeg just Carry that your big mouth and come over here, otherwise if you go home without my consent, don’t ever call me baby again o” she laughed and asked me who else was with me.

“James naa”

“Hmmm, so?, are you two going to share me? ”

” Who will share you?, its like you haven’t realized you are my private property ”

Our call ended on the basis that she would be coming the next day. Along with her friend Sandra. I managed to secure 10k from James before the stingy spirit descends on him again.

Naza arrived with sandra the next day by 3pm. She called me to come and pick them up at the bus stop. I dragged James along who was sleeping and had earlier refused to go with me, he obliged only when I told him that i would lock Sandra up in my room and he would never smell her perfume talk more of seeing her, and he knew what Chinaza was capable of.

We chartered a Keke as usual and left to meet them. We got there within 3 minutes. Immediately we alighted, My baby ran to me with her arms outstretched and Jumped on me. Lucky i ate that morning or both of us would have kissed the dust. She held me tight for about 30 seconds before letting go. I held her hand up and spun her around 360° and her curves were still… Curvy. She was looking fresh, smelling nice, and her fair skin tone was just healthily fair.

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I looked around and saw James was already grabbing Sandra by the hips.
We packed their stuffs into the waiting keke and headed home.

We got home, unpacked and headed out together to eat. We didn’t eat much. Just what our body needed. We now have to economize since it’s now four people but a little alcohol wasn’t out of place. We always needed it and my friend loved it more.

We entered our lodge around 7 pm. We camped at my room, played games on my console. Chinaza was good, but i was still the boss, she was a boss lady cos her Boo was the boss. We trashed James and Sandra until they suggested we danced.

We played music on my home theater with its wicked bass, we danced the drink we took earlier on out of our system, those two girls knew just exactly what to do with their assets. Chinaza was going wild and Sandra was right behind her, we switched after some time and then switched over again.

We rocked each other until we were exhausted, i fell on my bed and Chinaza fell on me and engaged my lips. James dragged Sandra out and into his room and banged the door shut. I smiled, turned Naza on the bed on got on top of her. My hands shot its way into her bra and soon my fingers were on her Tips, turning them like a radio tuner. She let out a soft moan, grabbed my lips with her teeth and went ahead to grab my already enlarged Di*k. She squeezed hard on it as I groaned softly, i reached for her panties and my fingers found their way into her pus*y hole which was wet already. She pushed my hand away and withdrew herself.

“Why? ” i asked looking at her as she got up from the bed, i was praying her madness wasn’t going to ruin this Night.

” Bae, nothing, lemme change ” she said and opened the wardrobe, pulled off her clothes and threw them inside. I was staring at her beautiful and hourglass shaped body from the back, i was busy thanking God she was mine when i noticed she had frozen like she saw a snake.

“What is this?” she asked picking something from the floor of the wardrobe

“what? ” i asked getting up from the bed. She turned in my direction clutching a black g-string pant in her hands.. I knew for sure my night was ruined..

For like 7 seconds, i stared at her like i didn’t know what she was talking about or recognize what she was holding but the truth was, in my mind, i was searching for the perfect lie to blow. “Who’s is it” she asked again

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“I don’t know, isn’t it yours?” i said with a little stammer

“You and i know i don’t wear g-strings” she said calmly which surprised me but i knew the heat was coming.

“Yea its true, maybe i should ask James ” my brain was betraying me, it couldn’t come up with any lie.

“So James now wears g-strings, eh Chinecherem?” she said looking me in the eyes. She called me by my first name, in full, it then dawned on me that we were in for a long night.

“Naza, i don’t really know, please let’s not start this now eh sweetie” i said trying to get closer to her, she pushed me away, i fell on the bed.

“Chinecherem who left her pants in your wardrobe, i’m asking you, answer me o” she yelled at me, i just sat there looking at her. I was busted big time but i was careful not to tell any lie that i would have to contradict in the future.

“I don’t really know, i can’t even say how it got there”

“well suit yourself” she finally said and threw the pant at me, there was no mistake, there was Cynthia’s scent all over it. I sat on the bed with self Pity written all over me watching my baby as she wore her pants first, then her tights and finally consolidated it with a thick skinny jeans. She pulled my long sleeves shirt from the the hanger and put it on. It then dawned on me that there was nothing for me that night. She pulled the sheets from the bed, hung it around her neck and left the room. I was too weak to do or say anything.

James scampered into my room like someone being pursued by masquerades. I heard his door bang shut.

“Guy howfar naa, your girl just came into my room and spoiled my fun, imagine she and Anita jointly pursue me comot for my room, wetin happen naa? ” he asked as he jumped into my bed.

“Nothing happen guy” i said and sniffed, i felt like crying.

“How can you say nothing happened, and she left you to go and join her friend in my room, they wan do lezzy?

“Guy na Cynthia forget her pant for my wardrobe, i mean how could a girl forget to wear her pants at a guys house, just tell me if its not the devil that wants to punish me” i said in a low tone with frustration all over my voice.

“this is serious gan, what did you tell her? ”

“nothing, i didn’t even know how to deny it, i just confuse now now”

” Come make we go talk to her” he said getting up from the bed.

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“its useless, Chinaza won’t even look at your face this night”

“Don’t worry, lets try first” he pulled me up and we went to his door.

We knocked severally and their was no response.

“Naza please let me explain things to you” i begged, hoping she would open. James too was calling on both her and Anita.

Finally the door opened and Anita stood there. Behind her, i saw My boo lying on the bed with her face to the wall.

“Naza please” i pleaded, she didn’t even move talk more of looking or talking to me.

“She doesn’t want to see you” Anita said

“Anny at least let us in” James chipped in. Before he could finish, Chinaza got up from the bed, before i could thank God that she was coming out. She got to the door, pulled Anita out and shut it.

I looked at James who looked sorry for me but having known him for a long time, i also noticed he was trying very hard not to burst into laughter. Dejectedly i walked back to my room with james behind me. I fell on my bed and shut my eyes.
“And i was about to get it on with Anita before this your psycho girl came in” James said and landed besides me on the bed.

“When you finish reading your book of lamentations, you off light” I said.

“Next time, you should learn to tidy your room before bringing your girl over” James said and hissed.

“James eh, Chinaza and Cynthia’s pant has already caused me typhoid, don’t come and add malaria to it, it’s bad enough that i have to share a bed with you when I’m not gay and worse still when my babe dey next door, don’t come and add your bad mouth to it biko”

James laughed, got up and switched off the light. Soon he was asleep. For me, i stayed awake throughout the night and only managed to fall asleep by 5am in the morning. I know i was a player and a girl’s disappointment wasn’t supposed to get to me, but Chinaza wasn’t just any girl. She was my Queen.

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