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It’s a pleasure to hear from you and i’ll be glad to put you through.
You see, CashPoolPro TurboBoost (CPP TurboBoost) is the latest automated Package in the CashPoolPro Packages and this is the fastest paying system in the world where members all over the world will earn between N60,000 to N240,000 naira on a weekly basis.

Here Is How It Works.

The “‘CPP TurboBoost'” is an Automated 2×2 Straight-Line metrix system that gives every member the opportunity to cycle out of the system once a total number of 6 people had been placed after them and every member will earn a total earning of 0.065btc (N60,000 or $168) in their bitcoin wallet.

After cycling out of the 2×2 matrix system, the computer will automatically move you into the Beginners package so as to facilitate your growth into the Main CPP Package.
Once 3 people had been given to you by the system, you will be automatically moved to *Phase 0 package which is the biggest Package in CashPoolPro business. This is where you will earn well over 59.52 bitcoins (Over N50million Naira) whether you refer people into the biz or not.*

Earnings in the 2×2 matrix is going to be extremly fast and it is also going to lead to a quicker cycling for everyone in the Main CPP Package where everyone will earn 59.52btc.

The Cost of joining the 2×2 matrix system is 0.015btc (N15,500 naira).

You can also purchase more positions and earn more money within your first 48hrs to 78hrs by re-entering system over and over again once you’ve cycled out.
If you purchase 4 positions you will earn 0.065btc x 4 = 0.26btc (N240,000 or $658) in total. This means more income for everyone.

*Prelaunch will go on for 4days from 30th June to 3rd July.*
This means that everyone who is ready to join CPP can register on 30th of June and Purchase their positions while the system will start paying members from 3rd of July.

How Do I Register Today?
If you’re not Yet in CashPoolPro (CPP), you can Create your CashPoolPro account by registering with the following link (Request for the registration video if needed); Sign Here to start

But if you’re a CPP member, all you need to do is to fund your CPP account with 0.015 btc and wait till 30th to purchase your position.
And you should also fund your CPP account if you just created your account with the referral link above (Buzz me if you don’t know how to purchase Bitcoins).

The CPP account will be opened by 7:30am for everyone to purchase their positions in the business and everyone will be paid according to First come First serve.
Therefore, if you want to be among th first 2,000 people that will earn on the first day, then you need to have your account funded and buy your positions immediately the System is opened for registration.

We are Already Running a LIVE training sessions Campaign On Facebook so as to pull in over 20,000 members into CPP TurboBoost within the next 2 weeks, thereby giving everyone who joins in the first 2 weeks the opportunity to earn at least N240,000 within their first 2 weeks of joining this business and you’re welcome to join us in the campaign but Take Action Today.

Please If your not understood with this Write up, Request For Video Tutorial. contact me on whatsapp @09073843624


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